Character Defense 4 2.9 Fix 2 Eng Trans

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After almost an entire year, a new CD4 version was released.




Rin’s Iaijutsu crit damage was clarified. It deals 2.5x damage on crits.
Shamal’s Thunder of Destruction Int ratio is now x5 (from x2).
Assassin’s Tsubame Gaeshi damage increased to Strx5 + Agix7 ( from Strx4 + Agix6)
Fate’s Plasma Zanber Breaker now deals double damage to bosses (from 1.8x)
Marisa’s Narrow Spark buffed to Intx3.5 (from x2)
Marisa’s Master Spark now deals 2x damage to bosses (from 1.75x)
Reimu’s Cautionary Border now deals Intx3 (from x2)
Reimu’s Reimu Kick now deals Strx7.5 (from x6)
Kotori’s Megiddo blast portion now deals an additional static amount of damage that scales with level
Daphne’s Sacred Armor now additionaly gives 30% Magic Defense
Kurumi’s Het: Clones created by this spell now have their duration increased to 180 seconds (from 120)
Altina’s Arrow burst agility ratio growth buffed. 4x-12x agi (from 3x to 7x)
Shamal’s Treatment(W) was changed. It now heals a flat amount + % of the target’s strength per second as a Heal-over-time.


Fate’s Tome now adds a Intx6 multiplier to Plasma Zanber Breaker (from x5)
Luck potions and awakening potions added. These can be used before missions to increase drop rates of rares and skill tomes.


This map goes over the 8mb limit allowed on Battle.net. I usually compress the map to bring that limit down, but I ran into snags and don’t really have the time to go through and make those fixes.

Instead, I’ll point you guys towards the 8mb limit bypass someone else made that allows you to play and host maps on B.net that are larger than 8mb.


Map Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a6ry8sus647rqtf/CD4+2.9+Fix+2+Eng+Trans.w3x

8mb Bypass Download: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/warcraft-iii-bypass-map-file-size-limit-ver-6.259571/

Character Defense 3 1.7.7 Fix0.3

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Posting some best girls.

There was quite a lot of time and a major version jump compared to the last release, but the newest version of Character Defense 3 is once again translated.

UPDATE: Fixed cam command too. Currently all issues should be addressed and fixed.

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Character Defense 4 2.8 Fix 2

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Shamal’s Thunder of Destruction intelligence multiplier is now Intx5( from Intx2)
Marisa’s Narrow Spark intelligence multiplier is now Intx3.5(from Intx2)
Reimu’s Cautionary Border’s intelligence multiplier is now Intx3(from intx2)
Reimu’s Reimu Kick strength multiplier is now 7.5(from 6)
Kurumi’s shadow clones now have a 180 second duration(from 120)




And a few bug fixes, namely Daphne’s bug.


Download Here: CD4 2.8 Fix 2 Eng Trans

Character Defense 4 2.8 Fix

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Download Link: Download Here


Patch Notes:



  • Honami’s Mistletoe arrow changed to be 80-140 + 60% int per arrow
  • Gilgamesh’s Sword Rain no longer deals an additional 12% int while Gate of Babylon is active. Instead, it not deals 1.5x damage to bosses.
  • Misaka’s Thunder Storm changed from 30 extra damage per 40 int, to instead be 70-170 + 100% Intelligence
  • Youmu’s Heart Excerpt Slash base damage changed to 100-400



  • Lotto boxes changed
  • Ring of Life now adds 250 HP (from 200)
  • Durandal’s STR now gives HP(previously didn’t give HP for the str granted by the item)
  • Flame Harness now gives 60 intelligence (from 55)
  • Vampiric Axe now gives 7% lifesteal (from 5%)
  • 7 Circles now gives 40 int (from 35
  • Great Katana Amanomurakamo now has a 25% chance of proccing 150 damage lightning bolt on hit(from 20%)
  • Divine Necklace Amaterasu O Mikami now has an active. 1000 HP heal (20 second cooldown)
  • Magic Resistance Scrolls changed to “Not implemented” status
  • Tome: [God’s Blessing] Allies that take a fatal blow within the aoe now survive with 300 HP(from 1 HP)
  • Tome: [Faith] Holy Light heal increased by 15%( from 5%)
  • Tome: [King’s Decree] now deals Sword Rain Level x 80% of Intelligence four times(from 65+(sword rain levelx35))

                                                              New Items:
Magic Stone:
+30% mana regen

Ring of Offense:
+30 Attack
+10% Attack Speed
+15 Agility

Ring of Magic:
+400 Mana
+70% Mana Regen
+15 Intelligence

Ring of Immortality:
+350 HP
+10 HP Regen
+15 Strength

+15% Spell Resist
+13 All Stats
+5 HP Regen
+50% Mana Regen

+5% Spell Resist
+7 Armor
+10 Damage Reduction
+100 Health

Wizard’s Ring:
+200 MP
+15 Intelligence
+100% Mana Regen
//On use, restores 600 Mana

Pendant of Slaughter:
+30 Attack
+10% Attack Speed
//Grants a 15% chance to crit for 2.5x damage

+50 Intelligence
+400 MP
//HP is reduced by 12% every time you use a skill

Ogre Power Gauntlets:
+40 Str
+150 HP
-50% Mana Regen

Elven Headdress:
+40 Agility
+15 Attack
-14 Armor

Staff of the Witch:
+50 Intelligence
+200% Mana Regen
//May be used to blink once every 45 seconds

Helm of the Ancient King:
+450 HP
+40% Mana Regen
-35 Mana
//Recover 100 HP on every spellcast

Aurora Cane:
+50 Intelligence
+150% Mana Regen
//Can be used to reduce damage taken by 20%

                                                                         New Tomes:

  • Altina: Arrow Burst – Increases damage dealt by (Max Mana x 2)
  • Nanoha: Divine Buster – Deals an additional 35% of your max mana in damage

Character Defense 4 2.6 Fix 2

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Honami’ mistletoe arrow int bonus damage changed to 18 per 40 int at all levels(down from 48 per 40 at max)
Assassin’s Gatekeeper movement speed penalty reduced to 50% (From 90%)
Enuma Elish now deals All Statsx5 damage( up from All Statsx4)
Nanoha’s Divine Buster ratio changed from 2.5 at all levels to 1.5 scaling to 3.5 at max
Nanoha’s Starlight Breaker now deals 2x damage to bosses(up from 1.8x)
Marisa’s Master Spark now deals 1.75x damage to bosses(no ratio before)
Kotori’s Camael changed to have a self-heal, and a chance to deal STR+AGIx1.5 on attacks
Kotori’s Wall of Fire now deals 1.6x damage to bosses(up from 1.3x)

Altina’s Tome Added.
Kaaya’s Body Heat skill tome nerfed. Armor added down to 15(from 25).
Marisa’s Master Spark skill tome nerfed. Now increases Master Spark’s damage to 1.5x normal.(from 2x)


Download: Download Here

Character Defense 4 2.5 Fix 4

Posted by on October 31st, 2015 at 6:24 AM
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Mostly bug fixes




  • Honami’s Stat Buff potions Fixed
  • Bug with Honami’s Mistletoe Arrows not applying Int damage fixed
  • Marisa’s Narrow Spark bug with O’reilly not applying correctly fixed
  • Kurumi’s second bullet reduces enemy mana by 20% now (Down from 30%)


  • Translation Error/Correction:

“Increases the effect of skills by XXX” has been changed to “Increases the effect of Concentration[F] by XXX”




Link: Download CD4 Eng 2.5 Fix 4

Character Defense 4 2.5 Fix 3

Posted by on October 18th, 2015 at 11:38 PM
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Tome Drop rates fixed/adjusted
Fate’s Photon Lancer deals more damage
Nanoha’s new spell damage was adjusted
Kurumi mana costs increased

Miscellaneous bug fixes



Download:  https://www.mediafire.com/?qwh9g5kh7tdtlft

Character Defense 4 2.5 Fix

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Honami can now make stat increasing potions
Nanoha has a new skill/skill re-work: Axel Shooter.


New skill-buffing items added
(20 new items added)

Some more bug fixes


CD4 2.5 Fix English

Character Defense 4 2.4

Posted by on August 21st, 2015 at 3:00 AM
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Story changes:

  • High Elf Treasure down to +15 to all stats from +200
  • Added a new stage(Stage 8)
  • Added a new tier 4 side quest “Asmodeus Escapes”

Character Changes:

  • Nanoha’s Divine buster now deals 2.5x damage to bosses
  • Nanoha’s Starlight Breaker now deals 1.8x damage to bosses
  • Haname’s Mistletoe Arrow now deals an additional 18-58 damage per arrow for every 40 intelligence she has (up to 200 int)
  • Misaka Mikoto’s Thunder Storm’s damage per bolt now goes up by 30 for every 40 int she has (up to 200 int)
  • Youmu’s Clone now deals 100% damage with cloned spells (Up from 50% damage)
  • Kamishiro Rin’s Moonblade down to 1.75x to bosses (from 2x)
  • Kaaya’s Heat Body on hit damage reduced (Down .5 int, I think)
  • Reimu’s Amulet Bombardment now deals 2.5x damage to bosses
  • Sasaki Kojiro’s Tsubame has a chance to crit for 1.5x damage(on each hit) based on his W

Some bug fixes.

Floating damage text added.
Some new items added, too.

Oh, it’s not really mentioned anywhere in-game but spamming ESC during the cutscene at stage 5 lets you skip it.

The cam command is finnicky, and the best way I’ve come up with to make it work without me personally going in and re-coding it is to just do something like “cam 1111111111111111111122222222222222222”.


CD4 2.4 Fix



A bugfixed version came out immediately after 2.4 was deployed. Got my hands on it thanks to Aozung. I updated the download link.

Character Defense 4 2.3 Fix

Posted by on April 28th, 2015 at 11:31 AM
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A mostly complete translation. Only things left untranslated are some parts of the script.



Code to unlock all characters for all difficulties:

On the difficulty select screen, input the following:
(Starting with Easy highlighted)
Down, Right
Up, Right, Left
Down, Down, Left
Up, Right
Down, Down, Right, Right

When input correctly you’ll hear a noise and “Complete” will appear on the bottom left of the screen.



  • Place the map in your WC3 map folder
  • Extract the soundpack archive into your WC3 main directory
  • Run the registry files found in the newly extracted folder


Map download link

Soundpack download link