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One of the things I wanted to do with this blog is to introduce people to some wonderful music, so as time goes on I will be doing more and more of these album reviews. This is one of my favourite albums from C78, published by Syrufit under the Poplica* name.

If you know anything about Touhou music, you probably know about Bad Apple, which is one of the most popular tracks released by Alstroemeria Records. Syrufit’s style is similar to Alstroemeria, with plenty of vocals and electronic, pop-sounding arrangements. This makes Syrufit’s music very easy to listen to, and as a consequence they’re one of my favourite circles.

Circle Name: Poplica*
Album Name: Replica*
Website: http://syrufit.jp/replica/

I think I won’t go into the track details here, it’s mentioned in the website and its too verbose for me to format efficiently, so I’ll move straight on to the review.

  1. melt in the sky
    A nice, light and soothing track to listen to. Starts off very softly with some piano, before introducing the vocals and other instruments. I especially like the soft vocals by Ayakura Mei in this. The piano adds a nice touch to the track, and makes it feel very elegant while the vocals add alot of emotion to it. Excellent intro to the album.
  2. Replica
    More energetic than melt in the sky, this track has vocals from two singers, Ayakura Mei and Tsubaki Ichimatsu. Vocals alternate frequently between the two, with Ayakura sounding younger and higher pitched while Tsubaki has a more mature voice. A light but constant drumbeat keeps the pace of the song up right till the end, with alot of synthesizers used.

    I prefer Ayakura’s vocals more, but that’s probably due to my own bias.

  3. I’m in blue
    Tsubaki provides the vocals for this song. Quite light sounding, this song is perfect for relaxing. The soft piano in the background instils a sort of wistful feeling, and it feels very relaxing despite the relatively fast beat. The only thing that’s off for me is that the introduction to the track seems rather drawn out, and could be off-putting.
  4. Can’t stop
    This sounds alot less light than the previous tracks, and is much more typical of Syrufit’s style, with vocals building to a chorus slowly as the track goes on. Tsubaki’s vocals in this are excellent, and help to convey the wistful feeling that is really this album’s hallmark. The steady drumbeat in the background supports this well, with synthesizers acting as support once again. It’s a bit repetitive, but I think it’s okay for a 4 minute track.
  5. 私と少女と風と
    Instrumental track, with no vocals at all. After having listened to four vocal tracks, this is a nice break in the album. Starts off extremely slowly, and builds up to a nice crescendo and sounds almost like progressive trance at some points. It’s a really nice track, and helps to provide a rest after all the intense songs that we’ve had so far. As usual, the song is very soothing and still instils that good old wistful feeling. I absolutely love the mid-point, with everything falling away just for a short while. Beautiful.
  6. I never gonna miss you.
    This is my favourite track! Very metallic sounding drums(No, metal as in the material not the genre) with a nice, relaxing melody and soothing vocals by Tsubaki. The english bits in the lyrics also makes it very fun to listen to(Forever~ forever~ forever~). I like that they maintained the drumbeat through the entire song, and there’s something that almost sounds like a clap in the drumbeat somewhere. I also like the choice of instruments, very light sounding and just absolutely fantastic track overall. Oh, still wistful here.
  7. Reversible
    Another instrumental track, this one is more energetic than the other one(haha, see how I dodge having to type the japanese name?). I don’t really find myself liking this track too much, it doesn’t really resonate with me too well. The crescendo sounds relatively decent, but the build-up is just… empty for me. I don’t find anything that I like in this track, but it complements the album well, with the more funky synthesized drumbeat balancing out the metallic drum from the previous track. Overall, not a track I would listen to on its own. Maybe it’s just the disappointment after I never gonna miss you.
  8. Please kiss my love
    A much lighter song, vocals provided by Tsubaki again. This time though, she sounds more like a… loli? What? Truly, she must be a masterful vocalist if she can change her voice so much. Very light sounding track, with interesting… lyrics and and a very upbeat feel to it. Drumbeat is rather fast but is quite light so that’s okay. Large variety of instruments, including what sounds like electronic piano and a triangle…? Interesting track, definitely quite nice to listen to but I would die from diabetes if I listened to it non-stop. Not quite as wistful now for some reason, probably the sugar.
  9. prunus girl
    Yet another off-vocal track. I like this one better than Reversible because it doesn’t start off strong, but rather is rather soft and subdued. This makes it have much more impact when the piano kicks in for the first time, along with what sounds like some sort of string instrument, probably a violin. Slowly builds up over the length of the track and peaks near the end. Quite an emotional song and very nice, very wistful.
  10. さくらセンチメンタル
    This track is more similar to Syrufit’s usual style, with trance-ish sound building up before introducing strong vocals. It’s rather similar to Reversible in style and feel, but the vocals lend it a completely different touch. Ayakura provides the vocals this time, and is lovely as always, introducing that oh-so-important wistful feeling. From what little I can understand of the japanese, the lyrics also seem rather nice but I can’t really judge that. An excellent track overall, would be my favourite were it not for I never gonna miss you.’s awesomeness. A nice send-off and always leaves me wanting to listen to this album again and again.

Overall, this is a good album and I definitely think you should try listening to it, or at least try out the crossfade.

Well that took rather long to write, but it was quite fun reviewing an album. Somehow I think my style of writing changed quite a fair bit mid-way through, which is interesting. I definitely think I will be doing more of these in the future.