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Touhou Daydream Breaker is a korean map for Warcraft 3, where two teams of heroes from the Touhou series battle against each other in an AoS(DotA) format.

This map has almost every single character from the Touhou series, even the Three Fairies and ZUN. Sadly, PC-98 era characters aren’t included as playable heroes, but they do appear as neutral creeps and as ZUN’s summons. Touhou Daydream Breaker has several unique systems that make it different from most other DotA clones. You can choose not to level up your abilities when you gain a skill point on levelling, instead choosing to spend it on improving things like attack, armour, HP and MP. You can also use skill points to buy unique items, which are very strong early on in the game because you can buy them for a low price with the skill-point cost.

The creeps(creatures that spawn on the lanes for each team) in Touhou Daydream Breaker are also stronger than most people would be used to – creeps can often kill a hero if you don’t watch out for them, and there are “buffers”, or heroes that cast strengthening spells, that can make creeps truly terrifying. Creeps also have a nasty tendency of getting stronger as the game goes on, and if you leave them unchecked you can lose an entire lane if you aren’t careful. This is exacerbated by the fact that you can hire strong mercenaries that do high amounts of damage at each barracks, which can often aid in “pushing” a lane.

Items play a huge role in THDB, and the game often comes down to whether you have the right item set to counter your opponent’s effects. Mages can be easily countered by an anti-magic item that protects you from all magic damage, and attacking characters can be countered by items that grant extra armour. This means that a large portion of the game revolves around timing windows, where you can only attack if certain conditions are fulfilled, such as the anti-magic item being on cooldown, or the opponent not having the required item to counter you.

Skills also scale insanely fast in THDB, with casters dealing extremely high amounts of damage, usually able to one or two shot a single hero in the early game. This means that positioning is extremely important, as you cannot afford to get hit by too many skills even if you have a high amount of health. Skills also have a “Mastery” bonus for levelling them, which means that it is usually more beneficial to level up one or two skills to the maximum extremely quickly, rather than spreading points evenly. Mastery bonuses usually add a huge buff to the ability, such as reduced drawbacks or increased damage.

THDB also uses a BGM system, where each character’s theme music plays when you use their ultimate spell or last word, and also has background music from the Touhou series. This requires installing a 80~ MB BGM pack, which can be found in the THDB Wikia.

As of writing this, the current latest English version is B9Fix3, which is a fair bit behind the latest Korean version. I will try to release an updated translation as soon as I can.