[Poplica*] Live A-Round

So, brief recap for those who didn’t read my previous review of Poplica’s C78 album – Poplica* is a label under Syrufit that has quite a different style from Syrufit’s regular stuff, though whether it’s better/worse is pretty much down to individual opinions.

I thought this album was rather interesting when I first heard it, and I found it rather odd as well. It’s quite different from the previous album, and is alot more energetic than it. I also have some doubts about the track ordering in this album, with #7 sounding extremely weird for its’ position in the album. The sound in general leans alot more towards Drum & Bass rather than the trance/vocal trance of the previous album, which is quite interesting.

I can’t really say I’ve heard alot of Drum & Bass remixes of Touhou songs, especially not ones that have vocals. I am a fan of DDBY’s stuff, but they tend to produce more jazzy stuff than this. If I were to pick an artist that has the most similar sound to this album, it would probably be Pendulum, especially with their most recent album.

Another way of putting it would be that Poplica’s style is gradually changing, I guess, but it really is quite a radical shift from the previous album so it might be quite disconcerting for those who were expecting more of the same.

Circle Name: Poplica*
Album Name: Live A-Round
Website: http://www.syrufit.jp/livearound/

Unfortunately, there don’t really appear to be many youtube links for this album at the moment, so you will have to download it. It’s not that hard, just google the title of the album and you should have download links in the first page or so. Oh, I guess you could buy it too if you have money.

  1. Live Around feat.市松樁
    Even the start of this song sort of reminds me of Pendulum’s style, though that does go away once the song kicks in, and it starts sounding more like Poplica’s previous stuff, though I can’t say I really like Tsubaski’s vocals too much in this. I like how the source song is remixed well, with some original touches added in to enhance how it sounds, and how the main melody of it is retained and used to back up the vocals. A rather interesting start to the album.
  2. Epicurean feat.綾倉盟
    I like this one quite a fair bit. Starts off with some nice synthesizers before going into drum&bass mode. Ayakura Mei provides excellent vocals for this, and it feels very well composed. Actually, I have quite a fair bit of difficulty describing this track since it really is something that I love, yet I don’t really know why I love it so much. One of my favourite tracks, and I definitely recommend this track to anyone and everyone.
  3. フタリノユメ feat.市松椿
    This is a rather interesting remix of Locked Girl’s Room. I haven’t heard too many remixes of it that use vocals for the main melody, but I feel that it really does work well with vocals, especially at the main chorus. My main complaint with this track is that it really, really, Really sounds like something Pendulum would have produced and I don’t think it quite suits it as much. It ends up sounding nice in the end, but still, I don’t like it as much as I probably could have.
  4. Crush the cage!!! feat.SHIKI,綾倉盟
    Yet another drum & bass sounding track, yet more Pendulum comparisons pop up in my mind. The vocals do help to steer away from that feeling, but really it gets quite incessant after a while, with 4 tracks in a row that really do not sound like Poplica’s usual style. Over time, it really does get quite annoying if you’re listening to it as an album. I guess the problem is that I really was expecting trance/vocal trance, rather than drum&bass. This track gets a bit repetitive after a while, and I don’t like it too much.
  5. Phantasm
    Quite interesting whenever a circle includes an original track on an album. Rather reminds me of track 5 from their previous album, with a nice drum start up into a calming trance track. Definitely more like Poplica’s original style than the drum&bass, and I think he should have gone this way for most of the other tracks as well. Very nice, relaxing track that helps to erase the irritation from 4 D&B tracks in a row.
  6. Forget the lie feat.綾倉盟
    Much more like the previous album’s tracks, with nice light trance along with pleasant sounding vocals, this is really what I was expecting from this album. I think they could have done alot better at pacing the track and managing the vocals, but overall it’s a rather decent, but somewhat forgettable track.
  7. 回遊の森
    Now this is the track that I found rather weird – I would understand it if it were in the #9 position, but it feels weird for a track that’s not right at the end of the album. Sounds great though, so that doesn’t really matter in the end. Another nice, relaxing track, albeit in a weird place.
  8. Childhood feat.綾倉盟
    Another vocal trance track, so that’s 2 in total. Ayakura’s vocals are nice and pleasant in this, and I like how the melody goes. I wish there’d been more like this in the album, rather than the excessive D&B.
  9. Repeat the Round…
    Starts off sounding rather like a music box, and progresses into a soothing trance track while maintaining that music box melody. I rather like how all the elements are composed, and it is definitely a fitting end to this album.

As you can probably tell I’m a bit unhappy with the direction this album took, but I think it ended up being rather good. Despite all my complaints about it I do like it quite a fair bit, and have listened to it quite often over the last few days. Definitely something I would recommend to anyone.

07. Poplicax — 回遊の森