(C79) [XL Project] Reflected Snow EP

This is a nice, short album containing arrangements by estha, sonoa and ziki_7. If you are familiar with any of these names, you can probably guess what genre this album is already – It’s pretty much a straight up trance album. I liked this circle’s C78 release as well, so I was pretty happy to see that this one had been uploaded as well.

ziki_7 is one of my favourite trance arrangers by far, with very nice soothing and emotional arrangements, so it’s always nice to see more music from him.

Circle Name: XL Project
Album Name: Reflected Snow EP
Website: http://www.xlproject.cc/index.php#refsnow

No youtube links for this album yet either, so you’re out of luck if you can’t download it.

  1. Reflected Snow -Radio Edit-
    The title is rather curious, calling it a Radio Edit. I’m not sure whether they released a track by this name previously, but I think not. Maybe they’re going to release a full version later on? Maybe it’s just a promo for some other album? Anyway, one of the more interesting things about XL Project is that their albums tend to have quite a few vocals in their mix, which gives them a rather different sound from other trance circles like Dust Box. Nachi Sakaue provides the vocals for this track, and it ends up being quite a nice track indeed. Rather nice and calming, but I dislike the original song so I can’t really say I like this too much.
  2. Yourtown
    This is more energetic than the previous song, with some piano riffs in the background adding alot of liveliness, and the vocals(mintea) are nice and energetic as well. The entire song ends up with quite a nice, jazzy feel, which is definitely quite interesting.
  3. Elisa
    An off vocal track, this is more traditional trance than the previous two tracks. It actually feels a bit too short because of the 2 minute track length, it would have been interesting if this had been a longer track, maybe going for that proper Symphonic feel that isn’t quite captured with this short length. Serves adequately as an interlude track.
  4. December Sky -ziki_7 Radio Edit-
    Now this is actually quite interesting, a re-edit of a track that was released at C78. Starts off alot more ambient than the original, and is quite nicely peaked near the middle with the addition of the piano. Definitely prefer this to the original, much more calming.
  5. Drifting Dream -radio edit-
    Strong piano chords at the start, before gradually introducing in the other instruments. I haven’t heard the original(if there is one), so I can’t comment on the differences between the two, but it definitely sounds well composed, with all the elements meshing together nicely and transitioning nicely as well. The vocals by Nachi Sakaue are also quite good, pleasant sounding yet emotional without being too overpowering. I definitely like the synthesizer used, though I feel that the drum sound could have been better. I think this would be my favourite track of the entire album, along with Yourtown.

I was pretty surprised to see that 4 days had already passed since my last post, didn’t realize that since I was rather busy with various things for the past few days. I’ve been liking OHR2011 quite a fair bit, so I haven’t actually opened many new albums and listened to them yet.