This version has quite a number of balance changes over the last one, and two new skills were added. And no, I don’t know why the version number is EE instead of 22.

From what I’ve heard, EE is the name of a Korean World of Warcraft clan. This may or may not be relevant to the name.

Download: DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire (Bugged version, look for a newer one.)

I took some notes while translating this time, which I’ll put below.

Suwako’s Party Start “Two Bows, Two Claps and One Bow” stun reduced from 1/2 –> 0.7/1.5

Sakuya’s Cutting Sign “Inscribed Red Soul” deals 50% damage to buildings now

Komachi’s Shortlived “Not Many Years Left” mastery stun increased to 2s.

Hina’s Bad Luck Sign “Bad Fortune” deals damage per second in addition to the effect.

Flandre’s Taboo “Forbidden Fruit” duration increased from 3/3/4/4/5 to 3/4.5/6/7.5/9

Parsee’s Jealousy Bomber changed from 4 second activation to 1~4 second activation.

Nazrin’s Treasure “Gold Rush” bonuses decreased, gold cost increased.

Nazrin’s Jeweled Pagoda “Greatest Treasure” range bonus reduced to 550.

Momiji got a new skill, Red **ssaiga, which buffs her STR/AGI/HP Regen and reduces all stun durations, but can only be activated if under 35% health.

Meiling’s Colourful Sign “Colourful Light Wind Chime” is now forced channeling

Yuka’s Great Forest skill now has a 10% chance to cast level 1~4 entangling roots on attackers at mastery.

Tenshi got a new skill, Temperament “State of Enlightenment”, does damage/debuff based on weather.

Ichirin’s Fist “Falling Sky Hammer” chance increased to 40%

Ika Musume SP cost increased to 2

This isn’t a complete patchlog, but only a list of ones that I had to change. Byakuren’s Inner Fire tooltip is still bugged in this version because I forgot to do the changes before I compiled everything, so I’ll do that in the next version.