This is a nice, soothing album containing lots of piano and jazz arranges. I’m not too familiar with this circle, but looking at the album scans tells me that the two main arrangers are NAGI☆ and Maurits’禅’Cornelis. I haven’t heard Maurits before, but NAGI produces pretty good piano arranges, one of which was used in THBosses as the ending credits theme. Good stuff.

Overall, this album is quite light sounding and very pleasant to listen to. It really makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing and just listen to it, which doesn’t really happen for alot of albums.

Circle Name: FELT
Album Name: Fairy Queen

It seems that my feelings are shared by many people(or a few very active ones), so youtube links are plentiful.

  1. White ruin infinite
    A light piano track, makes for a good introduction to the album. Shows off NAGI’s style of piano arranges, very soft and soothing, with some electronic touches as well. Sets the mood rather well for track 2.
  2. Plan Doll
    The vocals for this track are rather well done (舞花, which should be Maika. Incorrect romanizations gogo!). It reminds me of Liebe from <echo>PROJECT, especially with how emotional it sounds. NAGI was the arranger for this once again, and it is well done as usual, with the instruments complementing the vocals nicely and neither overpowering each other. My only complaint is that the middle sounds rather weaker than the start and the end, but it’s forgiveable, especially considering how well done everything else is.
  3. Brilliant World (Vocal Main Mix)
    This track is arranged by Maurits, who has more of a jazz style of arranging than NAGI. It’s alot more electronic than the previous two tracks, and the piano has alot more of a jazz sound to it. The vocals(Vivienne) are actually in English and actually don’t sound all that bad, which is rather surprising considering where this album came from. Overall, feels alot more cheerful than the previous two tracks, and much more energetic.
  4. A Silent Voyager
    A Voyage 1969 mix! How exciting. Arranged by Maurits once again, and again the usual jazz feel to it. Feels considerably lighter than the previous track, probably due to that guitar playing the main melody of Voyage 1969, which always feels rather light and carefree to me. Lots of nice coordination between instruments here, with synthesizers introduced at a nice time to back it up. Very good arrange, feels quite solid and well composed.
  5. C.O.D.E
    Starts off with a considerably darker feel than what we’ve heard up to now. I suppose an elegant metaphor comparing this album to a journey through a dark cave or something could be made, but that would just be silly. Arranged by Maurits, but less jazz this time and more straight up electronic stuff. I really don’t know what genre this is, it sounds like it has influences from quite a fair number. Rather good sound to it, sounds like Aftergrow‘s style.
  6. 蜃気楼
    This is an original track arranged by NAGI. When an album includes original tracks, they tend to be either fantastic or complete rubbish.
    Luckily, this one is fantastic. Vocals provided by 美歌(Mika), sounds rather more mature than Maika. The song itself has a rather nice buildup, and the anthem isn’t disappointing either. Considerably more emotional than the previous 3 tracks as well, since it’s NAGI at the helm this time. It also helps that I’m rather fond of the tricks used in this track, such as all the instruments cutting out right before the vocalist says something that is/should be/could be meaningful. Pity I can’t understand it. Excellent track overall, and very well done for an original track.
  7. Snow Sound
    Another original track by NAGI once again, and fantastic again. Perhaps there’s a correlation there. Anyway, it has NAGI’s usual style, only this time it has a guitar providing the main melody instead of the piano! Sounds pleasant and relaxing, and the vocals(Maika) help to accentuate that. My only complaint is that it doesn’t really develop too much, and it really does end up just being a guitar solo with vocals thrown in. A good guitar solo, and good vocals, but still.
  8. a strangelogic
    Sounds a fair bit like Aftergrow, with Maurits as the arranger. I definitely am starting to like Maurits’ style, though his name is rather annoying to type out. As for the track itself, it’s more of a white noise track than anything else, without any real melody to it and any real substance. Not a track that would be good on its own, but in the album its rather good.
  9. Sweet Nocturne
    Back to the jazz style, this time with more energy! Vivienne provides English vocals. She has a rather interesting accent, it doesn’t sound like your typical Japanese at all, but there’s some traces of a weird accent that I can’t quite place too well. It almost sounds Japanese sometimes but I can’t really say for sure. Interesting track, if you liked any of the previous jazz in this album then you would like this jazz as well.
  10. Daybreak Prelude
    NAGI did this one, so it uses more traditional instruments. Quite a moving track, with the piano being well timed. It’s the kind of track that would make you cry if you were a romantic person. I-It’s not that I like it or anything!
  11. Endless Pain
    NAGI did this one as well. A nice, soft arrange of Remilia’s theme with some emotional vocals by Mika as well. I don’t think the vocals suit it too much, but that’s more an issue of personal preference than anything. The piano in the background is excellent as usual, and the melody is quite moving overall. I like how this track was placed in the album, coming after Daybreak Prelude makes it have quite a fair bit of impact.
  12. You’re the Shine (MZC Grandstreams House Mix)
    This is technically track 13, with a blank track being track 12. It’s bonus track, so I won’t really consider this within the framework of the album, but rather as a solo track.
    Has quite a solid start to it, with a nicely timed buildup before introducing the vocals. The choice to introduce the piano riffs at the same time as the vocals is rather good too, and adds a nice touch to it. I disagree with the saxophone, but I always disagree with saxophones. Vocals aren’t credited on the album scans, but the saxophone sure is! Boy it’s good to know that Mark played the saxophone in this, because saxophones are so great. Anyway, it’s a rather nice sounding song with simple house beat to it. But too bad there’s that saxophone.

I really like this album quite a fair bit, and it’s always rather nice when something is as well composed as this. Soft but not too soft, and just the right amount of energy in the album. It’s no wonder so many people have uploaded the tracks to youtube, it’s quite a good album and I suspect most people would like it.

So do go and get it, it’s really good.