Whoops. Sure screwed up the previous versions pretty badly with my translation. You probably shouldn’t play BEEFix2, B21Fix, B21 or B20Fix3 in English. This version fixes all the mistakes I found in the previous translations(B20Fix3 onwards), and should work well. Quest text is fully translated now as well, along with 1/5 of the buffs.

If you noticed Reimu’s B wasn’t working before, you sure have a keen sense of observation! Indeed it wasn’t and it wasn’t working only in the translated version because of a bug with ability listing in the translation porting program. I’ve found the problem and fixed it, so it should work now.

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire

List of bugs fixed in translation:

  • Byakuren’s D should be displaying properly now, but I haven’t tested it personally because I forgot to do it…
  • There should no longer by any “Mastery” text, it should all say “Mastery Bonus”. Hina’s V had an errant korean character 마 which I missed because of the colour code.
  • Nietono no Shana icon was bugged because I mass-replaced Regeneration with Regen without checking first. Not sure why I did that.

List of bugs I know about in this translation:

  • Reimu’s B translation is missing a space. Forgot to fix it in this version.

The problem for Reimu’s B actually took fairly long to figure out. I had no clue why it was breaking – ability text is identical and there are no value changes, but it turns out that there was something faulty being replicated in the Reimu unit, so I added all the non-description and non-name strings to the blacklist so it doesn’t get carried over, which fixed it. Pretty relieving since I thought I might have to re-do the entire translation at that point.

The quests translation is something that I wanted to do for some time, and it took rather long to do. Warcraft 3 doesn’t play nice with overly-long strings, and 1023 characters is the limit for it, which includes things like linebreaks. This is rather bad since English tends to be a fair bit longer than Korean, so I had to cut alot of words and punctuation from the quests. I also ended up having to deal with Warcraft’s faulty mechanics, such as quest text getting stage fright and not showing up in-game, but I managed to fix all of it in the end and release this version.

This is pretty much one of the longest times I’ve spent working on the translation, with over 9 hours or so spent on it. Most of it was bug-hunting and mass testing, but I did experiment with new methods for some time.

New methods did not work.

Old methods work fine.

I will be deleting all the uploads of the bugged versions, since they’re… bugged. Wouldn’t want people to download them by mistake now would we…