So this was another live event that happened on Saturday, this time featuring Masayoshi Minoshima (Alstroemeria Records) as well as (Syrufit). There’s also a very, very lengthy Q&A session after it, with mican* and redalice appearing via skype.

The Q&A is extremely, extreeeeemely long so I wouldn’t recommend watching it if you don’t have four hours of spare time lying around. It’s also not really watch-able if you can’t understand Japanese, but it is quite entertaining if you’re interested in how these doujin circles work.

I bet most people are getting rather annoyed at these posts about live events that aren’t subbed(and won’t ever be!), so I’ll tone down these posts for now. Probably should translate BEEF(ix) 6 or something.

Videos are over here: Part One / Part Two /(start of long chat is here) Part Three / Part Four

If you’re interested in finding out more about these live events, you should probably start following these people’s twitters.

But yeah, completely in Japanese.

Also, link for the picture on the wall (Rating: Questionable, site is NSFW).