Character Defense 3 is a hero defense map for Warcraft 3. You take the role of various heros/heroines from a bunch of anime series like Fate/Stay Night, Shakugan no Shana, Inuyasha and others to defend an old man while he does… something.

The story of the game isn’t actually really accessible, since it’s a continuation of Character Defense 2. The story messages are also only viewable in the Log in singleplayer mode, so there’s not really any way to get at the story when you’re playing it on multiplayer.

This map has a fairly interesting item system. Most items can’t be bought, and instead you have to purchase a Detect Scroll, which gives you a random item. This can mean that you end up with useless items all game long, or it can mean that you end up being super powerful early on. This adds quite a fair bit of replayability to the game, since the items you get are different every time you play.

Bosses in this game are also quite scary, with most of them being able to easily wipe out the entire team. The main antagonists in the game are Dragons, and the boss dragons are quite terrifying, usually able to kill heroes in 2-3 hits, with their spells being almost instant kills. Player skill is extremely important, as one mistake could lead to failure, with the objective dying.

Monster spawns in Character Defense 3 also scale according to the number of players, so with more players there are more normal creeps spawning each time. This allows you to fill a game with computers for added difficulty, and for even more difficulty there are “hard” and “hell” modes available, which crank up the difficulty quite a fair bit.

The map does not update itself alot, with the newest “official” version coming out in October 2010. The original mapmaker is focusing more on updating his other maps, and working on Character Defense 4, which is scheduled to be released this year around July.

I have translated the two latest versions of the map, which are linked below. One of them is a special Christmas version that isn’t really meant for regular, serious play, with items dropping insanely often from normal creeps. The other is the latest official version to be released.

Christmas Version (1.6.2): DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire

Official Version (1.6.0): DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire

I only fully translated the Christmas Version, the Official Version translation is a direct port without any checking, so there may be some errors. If you find any, please let me know. I don’t really have the time to fully test it since it’s a 2 hour+ game, so I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment if you find any errors.