At long last, v0.25 has been released by 風. I got a bit tired of checking the website, so this is coming 3 days after the original release. Tad bit slow.

I’ll have a go at translating the patchlog below the download links. I don’t really like the patchlogs for SDMD, they tend to be rather hard to read and not necessarily informative. Anyway, the main change this version is that Sanae is introduced as a new boss, and Hong Meiling has alot of new spells and changes, since she kind of sucked.

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire


  • Boss HP Recovery method changed (No idea what this means)
  • STR per point HP bonus reduced from 30 to 22.
  • Intelligence increases mana (That’s all it says!)
  • Flandre Scarlet model update
  • Reimu Hakurei model update
  • Hong Meiling model update
  • Replaced some icons


  • Observer’s Eye changed.
  • Frog Hairclip added.


  • Fixed some bugs with Fujiwara no Mokou’s SC still continuing after death.
  • Fixed some bugs with Koishi Komeiji’s AI.
  • Cirno has some simple AI.
  • Sanae added as a boss.
  • New spellcards for Hong Meiling
  • New spellcard for Izayoi Sakuya.
  • New spellcards for Patchouli Knowledge, including Koakuma summon.
  • Reimu’s strengthening spell buffed.
  • Flandre’s Laevaeteinn buffed significantly.


Whoops, it turns out the optimizer I used screwed up the map. I have now fixed the error, and the links should now lead you to a FIX version.