Flower, Sun and Moon

Ruxia is a circle that produces minimalist, ambient music with a very electronic sound to it. It’s a nice change from most circles, with a much softer sound that’s very much suited for just sitting back and relaxing. I think most people would probably like this style of music alot if they gave it a chance, so do listen to a track or two at the very least.

CZK, gray and kanabun feature as arrangers for this album. Since it’s ambient music there’s not really much room for vocals, and the result is a very tight album with instrumentals doing their job well and generally being kickass. I don’t quite know anything about kanabun, but CZK and gray have worked together on the previous album from this circle, Astrometry, which was also quite enjoyable.

As far as Ambient music in general goes, I don’t really think there’s alot of circles producing Ambient Touhou music. There’s one or two circles that do it as well, but Ruxia has so far been the best for me without a doubt. I’m a bit disappointed that they haven’t released anything recently, apart from gray releasing an album with his own circle Disorder Circulation, that has only original tracks and no remixes.

Circle Name: Ruxia
Album Name: Flower, Sun, and Moon
Website: http://ruxia.seeds-9.com/rxcd02/index.html

  1. still life
    Starts off the album nicely, with an arrangement by gray. You can pretty much immediately hear Ruxia’s general style from this track, with a very ambient, yet active sound. Different circles have different methods of achieving an ambient feel, with MA.S ATTACK having a much more subdued, underwater-like sound, and QWESAR having a much quieter, more oriental feel to it. Ruxia isn’t afraid to use loud sounds, and even has some rather active focus in their songs, which shows off well in this track. Most of gray’s music isn’t composed with Ambient in mind – his genre is officially marked as “Minimalist Techno”, the end result of which overlaps a fair bit with Ambient. Either way, this is a wonderful track and a great way to start off the album.
  2. Hollow Earth Theory
    CZK’s first track in this album, with a distinctively less “heavy” sound to it than still life. CZK appears to favour a more melodic approach than gray, with alot of tracks focusing around lighter instruments like the piano, whereas gray has a much heavier focus on drums and synthesizers. I don’t like it as much as gray’s work, but it’s still very interesting and well done overall.
  3. instrument flight rules
    Another track by gray, with the distinctive heavy sound returning. One of the things I’ve always liked about gray is how heavy the drums he uses are, yet he manages to pull off a very subdued and relaxing overall feel for the song, which makes Ruxia different from most other Ambient circles. Overall, this track has a very nice beat to it, while still being quite relaxing, though probably not quite fitting into Ambient for this track.
  4. Apple and honey
    This one is by kanabun, who I assume is probably a guest arranger since Ruxia doesn’t list him in their circle information, nor does he work with Disorder Circulation. Anyway, starts off with a very, very different feel from what we’ve had so far. It’s an interesting take on Bad Apple, with a sound that’s different from pretty much every other Bad Apple arrange out there. Features nice use of distorted instruments and vocals to amp up the weirdness, while still using the main melody of Bad Apple in a creative way that fits into the overall feel of the album.
  5. a correct answer
    A much, much more active sound than the previous two tracks by gray, this one also doesn’t quite feel Ambient, with a much faster drum than one would normally use for this genre. I would say this is actually closer to Electronic Drum & Bass, mostly because of the heavy, consistent focus on the drums, and the extremely heavy bassline. I like this track quite a fair bit actually, mostly because of how kickass the synthesizers sound once you reach the middle, which makes up for the rather drab and boring start.
  6. Sleeping Satellite
    The last track in the album, also probably the most Ambient-themed one, by CZK. A very interesting take on Invisible Full Moon, which is an original that I consider to be extremely high energy and quite beaty. CZK does a good job of toning down the loudness of Invisible Full Moon though, and the result is a very pleasant sounding ambient track that wraps up this album nicely. Probably my favourite track of this entire album.

It’s quite sad that Ruxia chose not to release any more albums recently, especially since I do love their style so much. I did pick up gray’s latest release from Disorder Circulation, which is rather similar and yet not quite the same, and probably not as awesome as a new Ruxia release would be.