Delightful Doomsday is a vocal-oriented original album featuring Annabel & やなぎなぎ(nagi), along with some splendid instrument arranges by yoshihisa nagao. The vocalists featured are actually pretty darned good and work with a fair number of other circles.

The album is actually pretty short, with only 3 tracks and two instrumental versions. Short doesn’t mean bad though, and all of the 3 tracks are rather delightful. This is my first time hearing yoshihisa nagao’s work – he seems to have a style that’s fairly similar to arcane’s, but more energetic.

As for the vocalists, I’m only familiar with Annabel, who did a fair number of tracks with arcane. I have only heard one other track by Nagi, which would be the one from arcane linked above. They have pretty good voices, and do an excellent job in this album.

Circle Name: binaria
Album Name: delightful doomsday

  1. delightful doomsday
    Interestingly enough, the album-titled track is a sort of introductory track. Serves quite well as an introduction to the two vocalists, with both Annabel and Nagi participating. Has a sort of wistful feel to it that I find quite endearing. Well done overall.
  2. 花紺青
    Featuring dual vocals once again, with a very nice instrumental backdrop for the vocals. Yoshihisa nagao manages a calming sound that seems to enhance the feel of the vocals, while also keeping up the energy of the track during the off-vocal bits. The instrumentals would probably be the best part of the track, were it not for how well the vocals climax. The overlapping vocals at the climax plays well into my tastes, resulting in the sort of vocals that I really like. Seriously, these vocals are amazing stuff! Probably my favourite track of the entire album.
  3. ジオメトリア
    Less energy than the previous track, with a much more relaxed feel to it. Once again, the instruments are splendid, meshing together with the vocals without being overpowering or lacklustre. The drums add a nice touch to the main melody, while the piano flows well with the smooth vocals. Also a dual vocal track with both Annabel and Nagi, and both do a very good job. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is how well the endings of these tracks are handled – they don’t abruptly cut off, nor do they just simply fade off into nothingness like some tracks are wont to. It flows smoothly, cutting out instruments one by one until it ends, which is really quite excellent, minimizing the disruption between tracks.

I omitted the instrumental tracks since they’re not really worth looking into too much. The album works well as a vocal album, and the instrumental versions, while still quite good, seem to lack a certain something. They’re not bad, but they’re not really as good as the vocal versions.

This time I did a pretty short album since I’ve been doing pretty long ones, and I’ve really been meaning to get around to reviewing this album, and the linked arcane album for quite some time, but I got distracted by a few other things like the Kraster album that I found, which was quite surprisingly good for some tracks.