This is a mini-album by Mashiro, featuring some oriental, rock and one jumpstyle track.

I wasn’t really expecting much when I listened to this album, since I haven’t really heard of this circle or its’ arrangers before. It turned out to be surprisingly awesome, so that’s good.

Here would be where I put some random information about some of the arrangers or vocalists, but since I don’t know anything about these people you get this sentence instead!

Circle Name: ましろ。
Album Name: ArcadiaCUBE

  1. 魔法少女の百年祭 ~神楽mix~
    A pretty calming oriental track to start off the album with, by someone named Solt. I have no idea who he is or what he’s doing in this circle, so no comment there. Quite well done and soothing, with a nice combination of instruments. This track gave me the impression that this was going to be some sort of oriental focused album, with mostly relaxing tracks. Such a silly impression, as we’ll see shortly enough.
  2. さくらさくら
    Another nice and soft track arranged by someone named DJ Scarlett, whoever that is. Pretty much follows the same style as the previous track, except this time with a synthesizer! Quite a slow track, which further gives the impression that this will be a relaxing album.
  3. an insomniac from west(Remaster)
    Suddenly, rock music! Much more lively than the previous two tracks right from the get-go with a rather fast beat, and a very faithful reproduction of Sleepless Night. I don’t know the arranger GiT either, so no comment again. Feels rather well done, albeit a bit generic.
  4. STRUCTURE(U.N.Owen, she is gone)
    A jumpstyle track! U.N. Owen has thousands of remixes, so by now I’m rather sick of the main melody – however, this track played quite alot with the main melody, using breaks and pauses to create a fresh sound to an old melody. It’s a rather basic technique, but it makes U.N. Owen bearable again, so thumbs up there. As far as jumpstyle tracks go, I don’t really like this as much as some other ones, but this is pretty good too.

The album actually flows rather well despite the genre shift towards the end, probably because each track is composed superbly and is excellent on its own. Changes in style midway throughout an album usually results in a schizophrenic sounding album, with seemingly random twists and turns everywhere, but this album bypasses that by somehow softening the transitions, making it more bearable. I don’t think you will be able to like this if you don’t like the genres of each track though, so consider that when picking this up.