Scarlet Devil Mansion Defence 026a

This is a fairly hefty update to the map, with some new bosses and new skills for some characters.

Download: DDL(Singapore Server) / Mediafire

This is an outdated version. Refer to

Quick note: The recipe for Divinely Blessed Shrine Maiden Outfit is:
Upgraded Shrine Maiden Outfit + Gohei + Hakurei Donation Box + Mysterious Silk


  • Sanae has a new item, Snake Hairband
  • Something about Komachi’s cap?
  • Yuka’s attack type changed to Chaos and strengthened
  • Mokou’s attack type changed to Chaos
  • Yuyuko’s attack type changed to Chaos
  • Fixed some bug with the Boss AI causing it to stay(That’s what it says~!)
  • Overall attack rate of all units reduced by 50%
  • Boss attackspeeds reduced by 0.2.
  • Fixed price of Upgraded Shrine Maiden Outfit
  • Genji’s base attack speed reduced.
  • Divine Turtle “Mysterious Soul” upgrades Genji’s base attack and armor, but attackspeed bonus reduced.
  • Hong Meiling’s combo system modified
  • Great Oni “Missing Purple Power” strengthened
  • Oni Sign “Massacre on Mt.Ooe” Level 5 adjusted.


  • Tengu Amulet reduced to 30% Attackspeed bonus
  • Tengu’s Fan reduced to 100% Attackspeed bonus
  • Eye of Love grants +100% Attackspeed
  • Traditional Camera grants +100% Attackspeed
  • Phoenix Wings grants +100% Attackspeed
  • Sanzu Sampan grants +100% Attackspeed
  • Alice Margatroid’s book grants +100% Attackspeed
  • New item, Divinely Blessed Shrine Maiden Outfit.
  • Devil Wings adds +3000 attack instead of +1800.

New Bosses

  • Yakumo Yukari
  • Yakumo Ran
  • Kanako Yasaka

New Spellcards

  • Q.E.D. “Ripples of 495 Years”
    Flandre goes insane, increasing her attack power significantly. However, Flandre cannot be controlled in this state and will attack anyone. Enemies will be too afraid to engage Flandre in this state.
  • Oni “Demon Mist”
    Splits Suika into many little Suikas, with damage based on level of skill. Little Suikas inherit Oni Sign “Massacre on Mt.Ooe”, but the damage is reduced.

Original map and patchlog here:

On a completely unrelated note, I found the calligraphy brush in Photoshop, but it’s not very good at combining strokes so it looks a bit off. Not bad though, need to re-do the THDB Japanese characters later on.