Tsunamis are still a danger to some regions of Japan but have mostly subsided for now. Aftershocks continue to be felt throughout Japan, but most of them are fairly weak and aren’t too big of a threat anymore.

Yokoso News is doing an excellent job with their live stream, providing live translation of TBS/NHK for English viewers in the first 16 hours after the earthquake and answering questions about the status of any area of Japan. This is what I would call a hero, doing all this for nothing in a time of crisis.

The number of missing persons has increased to over 10,000 at time of writing, with the death toll over 600 and still rising. Rescue efforts continue throughout North Japan to try to aid those who were hit hardest by the tsunami, and many countries are sending Search & Rescue teams to assist.

Telephone lines are still mostly unserviceable in North Japan, and phone line are currently reserved for use by rescue workers and government officials. The internet continues to be one of the top tools for contacting people, with services like Twitter and Google’s People Finder being used to locate and provide information about missing persons. Japan television news continues to cover the earthquake, and there’s plenty of news reports on the internet that cover the tsunami’s effects in greater detail than here.

Electricity supplies have resumed for Tokyo and most other less-damaged areas, but with the nuclear plants offline there is expected to be power shortages. Rolling blackouts are predicted for Tokyo in order to restore some power to North Japan. Water supplies have been stopped in some areas, but there hasn’t been any reports of gas lines rupturing so far.

The situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plants is of concern at the moment. I won’t go into details here since it’s covered quite well by many other sources, but the gist of it is that there is no danger of a Chernobyl-style meltdown, and any radiation leakage would likely be confined to the plant itself.

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Amidst all this, many people are showing just how generous they are. SYNC ART’S has released their album for free, asking people to donate money to relief efforts instead of buying their disc. This was followed shortly by sisimai-brothers also releasing theirs with the same message. Syrufit has also released several tracks from their album for free to help comfort everyone suffering in this earthquake.

Personally, I’m quite touched by all this. It’s most certainly not easy to produce these discs, and they even paid for the discs to be pressed already. They’re actually releasing the source files that they send to the CD presses, including high-resolution images of the booklet. To give away all of this work for nothing is truly quite amazing, and I salute them for it.

To save their bandwidth I will upload the files to my server. Most people reading this wouldn’t be in Japan anyway, and their bandwidth should be reserved for the people in Japan.

http://www.syrufit.jp/2011/03/13/346/ (Syrufit’s post about this)
SYNC ART’S もっとらぶれすっ!/ Motto Loveressive (password is 0311)
sisimai-brothers’ 日月星心
Syrufit’s Baby, Baby
Syrufit’s Listen Up
Syrufit’s root_B _ nephilim (Arranged by Mano from Echo Project)
Syrufit’s root_C _ =ALL

Links have been removed as of June 2011.

Please do whatever you can to help with this earthquake – find your local red cross website and make a donation. However, when donating be careful of fraudulent sites – only donate to reputable organizations, not to individuals running donation drives.