With Reitaisai 8 effectively cancelled, many twitter users from Japan today started celebrating “Air” Reitaisai 8 instead.

The word “Air” is used in the same way that “Air” guitar means “fake” guitar playing, which is certainly a curious usage of the word. Loads of people got on twitter for the event and started tweeting a bunch of random things about it that made it seem like Reitaisai was really going on.

Here’s two of my favourite tweets from the event:


Large amount of stock left over, will experience the trauma of having to send back stock soon... RT @M_Minoshima: I still have plenty of stock!

Maelock: Alright, let’s replace all the cola with beer!

There’s actually quite a few interesting tweets and it’s a bit hard for me to translate them, so I’ll link a different site that has a fair number of translated tweets already.

Some people also cosplayed for the “event”, which was interesting to say the least.

Nomiya Ayumi cosplaying as Suwako

Some circles also decided to release their albums for the event, a good explanation of which has already been written over here.

Since that post however there’s been more releases, which I will list over here.
[link] Azure&Sands released a fair number of their albums for free
[link] Floater-io released one track
[link] Ichi Luckystar released one track

Some of these releases may be pulled from the internet in a day or two since they’re just for Air Reitaisai, and I won’t be mirroring them here.

There were also releases earlier that had nothing to do with Air Reitaisai, which I guess is worth linking here again.

http://www.syrufit.jp/2011/03/13/346/ (Syrufit’s post about this)
[link] SYNC ART’S もっとらぶれすっ!/ Motto Loveressive (password is 0311)
[link] sisimai-brothers’ 日月星心
[link] Syrufit’s Baby, Baby
[link] Syrufit’s Listen Up
[link] Syrufit’s root_B _ nephilim (Arranged by Mano from Echo Project)
[link] Syrufit’s root_C _ =ALL

Links have been removed as of June 2011.

If you enjoyed any of this please donate to help victims of the earthquake, any amount at all really helps.

Redalice + Syrufit + Masayoshi Minoshima are currently streaming at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/redalicejp, which you might be able to catch if you read this post 1-2 hours after it was written. It’s nice to see that they’re doing this just two and a half days after the earthquake, and it’s good to see that they’re fine too.