[Update] Scarlet Devil Mansion Defence v0.26b

Another pretty large update, but this time mostly balance fixes and behind-the-scenes changes. One new spellcard added for Patchouli.

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire

This is an outdated version. Refer to V0.28

Patchouli’s new skill appears to friendly fire – not sure if that’s intended or if it’s a bug. The ability text simply says “people” for the damage, so it damages all people I guess? I translated it as enemy before testing it so that’s wrong for now.


  • Added in things that were missing in 0.26a
  • Some changes to Gameplay Constants (damage ratios for armor types, hero level rate, that kind of stuff)
  • Base attack speeds adjusted again
  • Small adjustments to monsters


  • Fixed a few errors with some item descriptions
  • Yakumo Ran/Yukari now drop their loot.
  • Kanako now drops her loot.
  • Penglai Branch can no longer be dropped while in cooldown, and cooldown reduced from 250 to 220 seconds.

Hero changes

  • Gungnir mana cost changed & cooldown reduced
  • Crimson Fear tweaked.
  • Sakuya’s World’s attack speed bonus reduced to 50%/100%/150%.
  • Oni “Demon Mist” cooldown adjusted
  • Stardust Reverie cooldown reduced from 9 to 6 seconds.
  • New spellcard for Patchouli, Ice Sign \”Winter Element\”
    Creates a pillar of ice-cold water at the targeted location that deals damage and slows enemies.

Original map and patchlog here: http://www.touhou.cc/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=28725

My handwriting is terrible, so I removed the handwritten english and used a font instead.