[QWEASAR] The Butterfly Effect

A pretty relaxing ambient album by a mysterious circle that has no website and has only released this album. Sort of like Ruxia, but has a more oriental take on the ambient genre.

There isn’t really much to be said about this circle – the only thing I know about it is that the sole arranger is noil. QWEASAR’s website has absolutely no information about the circle or this disc, so yeah there’s not really much that I know about this circle.

This album does actually have quite a unique sound, blending oriental elements with ambient-style music. It’s quite an interesting album because of that, and I would have liked to hear more of this style of music, so it’s a pity that this is QWEASAR’s only release.

Circle Name: QWEASAR
Album Name: The Butterfly Effect
Website: http://qwsr.net/

  1. intro
    A pretty good demonstration of what this album contains, with a very soft sound overall and a relaxing feel to it. I liked the timing of the drum a fair bit, with just a short bit of drumming to add a small amount of anticipation to the track. Doesn’t last long since it’s only an introductory track to the album though.
  2. Red and White
    Probably the best track on the album, with an extremely slow build-up that emphasizes the ambient feel of the song. The just barely audible bass of the song at the start adds a nice touch to the some-what eerie sounding melody, and the very light electronic-ish drums keep the beat of the song going quite well. It’s quite a long time before we get to hear the original tune, but when it finally kicks it all the build-up makes it quite worthwhile and makes for an excellent track. Outro of the track is excellent as well, making this my favourite track of the album.
  3. Secrets of Magical Seals
    Starting off with considerably more energy than the previous track while still being relatively slow, this track focuses more on the piano riffs at the start. It does end up being rather repetitive with the same chords repeated over and over again, but there’s a fair amount of development as the track goes on, with new instruments being introduced and older ones being stopped for a while. Once the mid-point passes the piano actually starts playing different notes, so that’s nice.  Overall, flows quite nicely with the album but wouldn’t be great as a single track.
  4. Eternal Festival
    The introduction is quite different from the previous track with the guitar appearing immediately and a much shorter build-up than the previous tracks, resulting in a much faster-paced and exciting song. A much louder drum beat with an overall harder feel is used as well, and the synthesizers(almost sounds like a xylophone or some kind of string instrument) are much more energetic, which adds to the feel of the song as well. Excellent track overall, works well as a single track and still fits into the album just fine.
  5. outro
    It’s not really usual for most albums to have outros these days, so this was nice to see. Has a very electronic feel right at the start, with little trace of the oriental theme of the previous tracks. Minimalist use of drums and a good use of light-sounding synthesizers overall add up to a very pleasant track to listen to, making this an excellent end to the album.

I really don’t know what this circle plans to do, but it would be quite excellent if they would release more albums in the future. This album has always been quite unique to me and I’ve listened to it a fair bit, and always found it quite lovely. Like Ruxia, there’s no other circle that produces music in QWEASAR’s style, and this makes them irreplaceable to me.