Daydream Breaker B25Fix

A pretty huge update with a ton of changes, also featuring a revamp of Mitori.

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire

The patchlog is rather long.

General bug fixes:

  • Alice’s Suicide Pact can no longer target wards.
  • Ika Musume now properly hides league winners instead of having their aura still be visible.
  • Force Staff now breaks trees that the target is pushed through.
  • Something about Easy (대요정) creeps being able to break walls?
  • Omiwatari Cross is now invincible to the end of the duration.
  • Cooldown interface is now modified.
  • Fixed a bug with Barisada, Guard Breaker, Dark Six and Spear of Longinus’s effect on buildings.
  • Meiling’s Colorful Wind Chime’s description is fixed.

Skill Balance changes:

  • Akyu’s Gensokyo Chronicle skills now have map-wide range for heroes and a short range around Akyu for units.
  • Akyu’s Reincarnation duration formula changed as follows:
    5/4/3 -> 10/9/8 minus 3/5/7% of INT.
  • Tenshi’s weather sword now deals 40/80/120/160/200 instead of 100/150/200/250/300 when there is no weather.
    It also does an additional 75/150/225/300/375 during all weather types.
  • Nazrin’s Rare Metal Detector chance increased from 35% to 45%.
  • Midas’ Hand changed from 25 -> 23 gold on use, and cooldown changed from 22 -> 27.
  • Suwako’s Party Start “Two Bows, Two Claps and One Bow” bullet velocity increased from 2000 to 2400.
  • Alice’s Suicide Pact cooldown reduced from 60 -> 35.
  • Lily White’s dryads are now magic immune instead of having 100% magic resistance.
    They now have 0 armor instead of -20.
  • Luna Child’s Moonlight “Silent Storm” now mana drain increased from 200 -> 250.
  • Luna Child’s Silent Flower is now a ward.
  • Yukari’s Double Black Death Butterfly now ignores magic immunity.
  • ZUN’s God of Gensokyo innate changed from 8/20% to 6/15% damage reduction.
  • Iku’s Angel’s Rainment innate changed from 15/40% -> 15/33% magic resistance

Mitori changes:

  • Mitori’s Tragic Destiny Calls modified.
  • Mitori’s Kappa Stands Alone now deals physical damage to buildings
    Also adds attack speed when active, 10+(20%*level).
  • Subterranean Cucumber changed to a Ultimate Spell and now damages allies.
  • Mitori’s Prohibition Area “No Entry” changed to be her last word.
  • Mitori’s Power to Prohibit Everything removed
    Replaced with Flow “Red Cucumber River”
    Throws a red cucumber at the target, dealing 65*level damage and slowing it for 4 seconds by 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%(Movement speed), 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%(Attackspeed).
    Mastery bonus reduces target’s armor by 7 for the duration. 11 second cooldown.

Hero changes:

  • Akyu’s stat growth is changed as follows:
    STR: 3.0 -> 2.7
    AGI: 2.5 -> 2.0
    INT: 0.5 -> 1.3
  • Mitori’s range increased from 400 -> 465.
  • Intelligence increases mana regen by 0.05 -> 0.08.
    Intelligence increases mana by 12 -> 13.5

Item changes:

  • Most percentage-based mana regeneration items have been reduced in potency.
  • Subterranean Spirit changed from 7 damage and 10% aspeed to 6 damage and 9% aspeed bonus per 10% of health that enemy does not have
  • Alastor range decreased from 400 -> 300
    Damage formula changed from 190+20*4 -> 160+25*5(Total damage 270 -> 285)
  • Chain Lightning Book damage changed 250/125 -> 200/140 (2nd number is multicast)

Other changes:

  • Being attacked now grants 100 sight range on the attacker if it is out of sight.

To summarize, INT based heroes are receiving a small buff due to the increase in innate bonuses for intelligence, which lets them get a higher mana cap easier, making mana shield more effective. Most other heroes would be unaffected by the across-the-board reduction in percentage-based mana regeneration items like Spirit Rune, since cheap mana items like Tal’lasha’s wand and Tal’lasha’s amulet are still awesome.

Alot of the other changes have been a long time coming, such as Alastor’s range nerf and Alice’s suicide pact cooldown reduction.  ZUN and Iku should be alot easier to kill with their tanking innates reduced in power, and Nazrin is a better farmer with the chance boost, while the Midas nerf makes it harder for any hero to just instantly become good at farming gold. Dunno about the Mitori changes, will probably have to play around with her to see how it is.

Tenshi’s weather sword skill still sucks.

As for the translation, a fair bit of new stuff was added in this version so there might be a few missing translations here and there, but I highly doubt that anything’s missing. A fair number of item descriptions were modified in this version, which might be a bit off for some items.

I’d also appreciate it if you could mention any awkward-sounding descriptions in the comments so that they can be fixed, since it’s kind of impossible for me to go through every single ability on every single hero on my own.

I would also like more information about how Mitori’s skill that binds another hero to the target at 444 range works in-game, since it’s not really a skill that pops up often when I play with a Mitori(usually it’s skill-less DPS or something similar), so I haven’t actually seen it in action. The current translation for the skill is probably a fair bit off the actual meaning, so it would be nice if you could explain a bit more about how it works if you see it used in-game.

I’m also quite interested to hear what other communities think about the changes, since different communities tend to have different playstyles and opinions. I thought this was a pretty decent batch of changes, especially with the Alastor range nerf.