Touhou Daydream Breaker B27Fix

A new version that focuses more on a ton of small tweaks and changes here and there rather than a huge revamp for a character.

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire

Patchlog from B26Fix3 till now:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where clicking a certain tent would cause the game to crash
  • Lily White’s Lily Black no longer glitches if Hon Gan Sword is used
  • Nazrin’s Pendulum Guard’s base skill is no longer Healing Wave.
  • Fixed some issues where some scripted spells would ignore damage ignoring skills.
    Probably refers to Crystal Orb’s effect, which was did not block things very well.
  • Fixed an issue where some skills would have abnormally high damage.
  • Something about some dolls being modified so that they can be clicked/automatically clicked?
    (미래문락 사용 시 미래문락 인형이 자동으로 클릭되도록 수정)
  • Fixed a bug where the increased health from Momiji’s Red Tessaiga’s STR bonuses would cause Red Tessaiga to instantly deactivate.
  • Slow Poison’s damage no longer stacks.
  • Fixed a bug where Suwako’s Native God “Red Frog in Year 4 of Houei” would not apply its mastery bonus correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a sound would not play if Mitori killed an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where Koakuma’s life drain would affect defense (?)
    (라이프 드레인 초기 지능비례 흡혈이 마법 방어에 감소하는 문제 수정)
  • Fixed an issue where Koakuma’s life drain would interact with Satori’s Camera-Shy Rose in an unintended fashion.

Skill balance changes:

  • Hina Kagiyama’s Cursed Field “Purification River Deposit” mastery cooldown changed from 15 -> 14
  • Momiji’s Red Tessaiga stat bonus changed from 6/12/18/24/30 -> 12/24/36/48/60
    HP Regen bonus changed from 10/20/30/40/50 -> 8/16/24/32/40
    Duration changed from 13 -> 10
    HP Requirement changed from 35%/65% -> 30%/50%
  • Nazrin’s Ability to find hidden objects chance increased from 15%/22% -> 22%/40%
  • Nazrin’s Gold Rush ability gold drain changed.
    Costs 8 gold to activate and drains 3 gold every second while active. Gold cost increases by 1 every 5 seconds while active.
  • Ichirin’s Falling Sky Hammer chance reduced from 40% to 20%, 25% at mastery.
    However, each level adds (1*skill level) chance each time Ichirin attacks.
    Chance is reset back to 20%/25% when the skill triggers.
  • Satori’s Camera-Shy Rose stuns enemies for 0.65 seconds at mastery.
  • Tenshi’s Temperament Sign “Meteorological Revelation” durations increased
    Tempest : 5 -> 12
    Azure Sky : 5 -> 9
    Diamond Dust : 6 -> 10
    Cloudy : 12 -> 20
    Snow : 10 -> 18
    Hail : 5 -> 8
    Twilight : 10 -> 13
    Sunny : 10 -> 20
    Typhoon : 5 -> 8
  • EX Keine’s Dark History “Black Chronicle” stun chance changed from 5/20/25/30/50% -> 10/16/22/28/40%
    Duration changed from 25 -> 10
    Cooldown changed from 35 -> 22
  • EX Keine’s Future “Next History” cast time changed from 4 -> 4/3.5/3/2.5/2
    Cooldown changed from 23 -> 16
  • Shou’s Light Sign “Demon of Purification” damage changed from 26/41/56/71/101 -> 30/50/70/90/115
    Burns 20/30/40/50/60 mana on the target that it activates on.
    Splash removed.
  • Yukari’s Sinister Spirits “Double Black Death Butterfly” will only damage a target once.
    To be precise, it will only damage the same target once every 1 second.
    Maximum distance removed.
  • Chen’s Critical Strike skill replaced with Searing Nails
    Increases STR by 3/6/9/12/20, AGI by 4/8/12/16/25, DMG by 16/22/28/34/45.
    Passive skill, mastery bonus is bonus increases.
  • Yuka’s Great Forest Einnashe Mastery bonus changed.
    Chance to cast Entangling Roots 1~4 when attacking changed from 18 -> 25%
    No longer has a chance to cast Entangling Roots when attacked.
  • Yuka’s Parasol Shield Mastery bonus changed.
    Grants nearby allies in 300 range 18% reduction in damage taken. Does not apply to Yuka.
  • Suika’s Oni Sign “Large Speck in the Needle Hell” cooldown changed from 13 -> 5
  • Murasa’s anchor cooldown changed from 8 -> 9
    Anchor’s damage changed from 150/250/350/450/300 -> 100/200/300/400/285
  • Suwako’s Jade of the Horrid River cast range changed from 475 -> 820
    Cooldown changed from 16/11 -> 14/9
    Some modification to the centering of the bullets.
  • Swuako’s Future “Gods’ Realm” bullet speed increased from 1800 -> 1950
    Bullet effect changed.
  • Koakuma’s Life Drain now absorbs 2/4/6/8/10 mana every 0.25 seconds as well as health.

Item balance changes:

  • Linken’s Crystal Orb duration reduced from infinity -> 25 seconds
  • Daydream Breaker Replica no longer dispels magic immunity.
  • Plug is removed and replaced with Tree Eater.

Other stuff:

  • Rumia fixed
  • Various text fixes
  • Intelligence mana bonus changed from 13.5 -> 12

Clearly Suwako is not strong enough yet.

Tenshi’s weather sword actually seems like it might be usable, though because weather only appears for 1 and a half minutes every 5 minutes it’s probably still quite shit.

In other news, Easy/Normal/Hard creep names are now translated, which is certainly nice.