Since there’s apparently no new significant updates to any of the current Warcraft 3 projects, you get a short doujin recommendation from me today instead!

“Cirno and Reimu’s One-Two-Three” is a series of doujins that involve a ReimuxCirno pairing, which by itself is fairly unique, though not unheard of. It’s illustrated by Kamo Nari, who has a very interesting visual style. Kamo Nari’s coloured pictures tend to be very pretty, with excellent shading and a very clean, modern style.

Pretty colors!

Of course, this style won’t please everyone. Characters tend to be more slender than most people would expect, and dresses tend to be rather long. Reimu’s is probably the most obvious, since in most depictions the skirt tends to end/show above the knee, while in this she has more of an ankle-length dress.

The storylines are pretty much what you would expect from a doujin production, but the artwork enhances the feel of it quite a fair bit. C&R’s123 manages to capture the atmosphere of the scene very well in each page, with excellent storyboarding that makes everything flow smoothly.

Yuri is nice, too.

That is some pretty tea pouring!

Since this is the first time I’m reviewing/recommending/talking about a doujin, I don’t really know what to say, so I’ll just put some random stuff here.

This is my favourite doujin, without a doubt. I enjoyed reading this alot, so much that I even bought the books. I’ve never done that for any other series, and only did it for this because it’s just completely and utterly unique. I think some people will dislike the style heavily, but I’m sure some people will like it, and so I think you should read it to decide for yourself by reading it.

It’s available on danbooru to read at