At last, a new Ruxia album! It’s been quite a while since their last release, which was all the way back in Reitaisai 7. That’s quite a while back.

Sadly, this isn’t a full release, but just an EP, so it’s not as good as it could be. Still, new is good! Even better, this album is free to download from the Ruxia webpage, which will be linked below shortly.

Ruxia’s two arrangers are CZK and gray, and the main illustrator is 八尋 (Yahiro). I’m quite fond of gray’s style, which is an interesting mix of minimalist with a wide range of electronic elements added in. There’s a bit of ambient thrown in as well, but its somewhat hard to tell with all the bass being used. CZK’s style is also rather minimalistic, but with a more melodic touch than gray’s work. The two complement each other quite well, and together they both make up Disorder Circulation, which is also another one of my favourite circles.

It still saddens me that this release is so short, but nevertheless both tracks are full of spirit and energy.

Circle Name: Ruxia
Album Name: Flower, Sun, and Moon
Website: (Download available on the site)

  1. ghostline
    Perhaps one of the most energetic tracks ever composed by gray, the amount of percussion used in this is quite amazing. It’s quite the stark contrast to Ruxia’s previous work, which had a more subtle buildup before unleashing any such energy, though it still follows in the vein of minimalist music with slow development and a very repetitive feel. I would have liked a bit more focus on melody rather than just a constant rhythm, but this is fine as it is too. Whether or not you’ll like this track depends alot on whether or not you can tolerate the sheer bass, which can be overwhelming at times.
  2. One of Them
    A much more subtle track in the opening, with a very interesting style by CZK. There’s alot of symphonic elements in this piece, so much that I’m almost tempted to call it Symphonic Trance, which wouldn’t be too far off if it weren’t for the differing style of drum used. I wouldn’t actually call this minimalist music, since it develops too quickly and has a large variety of instruments towards the middle – it seems to be a fusion of D&B with symphonic/trance elements. It makes for an excellent counterpart to gray’s track, with some elegance to offset the raw power of ghostline.

Only two tracks! It’s short! Very short! I’m quite happy with this though, especially considering that Disorder Circulation actually released a disc in M3-27 (3 days ago or so at time of writing). It would have been quite a superhuman feat to produce two full-length albums simultaneously, so yeaaah.

On another note, CZK’s website lists him as doing “Videogame Direction”, which is intriguing to say the least.