A few changes to Kyouko’s spells once again, and a new tier of armor items.

Download: Mediafire

This version of the map uses Sound Pack 4.8 and Model Pack 1.7.


General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Rumia’s Dark Side of the Moon would affect the ally computer’s vision.
  • Meiling’s Mountain Breaker now deals the correct amount of damage.
    Previously was doing 1.5/4.5*STR, now deals 1.5/2.5/6.5*STR.
    Initial damage is now 1.5/2.5/3.5 times.
  • Meiling’s Colorful Wind Chime is now properly invulnerable for 1.33 seconds.

Hero Balance Changes:

  • Shikieki’s Trial of the Ten Kings cooldown changed from 130 -> 155 seconds
  • Kyouko’s Power Resonance ratios changed from 6:4/5:5/4:6 -> 7:3/5:5/3:7
    Now always capped at 5:5 when used on allies.
  • Kyouko’s Charged Yahoo has been changed.
    Kyouko charges up the spell, increasing range by 25, damage by 15, stun duration by 0.05 seconds every 0.25 seconds. Can be charged for up to 20 seconds, does not increase afterwards. Default AoE of 200, 100 damage, 0.5 second stun. Can be held for up to 1 hour.
    145 second cooldown
    Cancelled by Sakuya’s World, Pause, Stun, Silence, Hex.

Item Balance Changes:

  • A new item was introduced, Herald of Zakarum.
    Materials: Monarch + This Recipe
    Increases armor by 15
    Increases health by 200
    Gives a 60% chance to block 70 non building damage.
    Deals 30 damage to non-building attackers.(Does not stack)
    Blocks all damage below 55 for 5 seconds. 28 second cooldown.
    Can be dispelled
    Armor reduction does not apply before the 55 damage ignore effect.
  • A new item was introduced, Charred Treads.
    Materials: King Koopa Shell + This Recipe
    Increases armor by 15
    Reduces melee damage by 10%
    Reduces damage taken by 25(Does not stack)
    Returns 15% of melee damage taken.
    Increases health by 300
    When the user receives 250 damage, deals 180 damage in a 475 range. 3 second cooldown.
    The “receives 250 damage” is cumulative over time, and the ability triggers automatically.
    It is not possible to accumulate damage while in cooldown.
    Can only be used with heroes.
  • Monarch health bonus changed from 200 -> 150
    Armor bonus changed from 15 -> 10
  • Steel armor gold cost increased by 100
    Now reduces melee damage by 6%
  • King Koopa Shell melee damage reduction changed from 15% -> 10%
    Melee damage reflect changed from 25% -> 10%
    Health increase changed from 250 -> 150
  • Cenarius Horn damage reflect changed from 25% -> 15%
    Health regeneration changed from 10 -> 13
  • Linken’s Crystal Orb mana cost change from 200 -> 65
    Duration changed from 20 -> 45 seconds
  • Undead Law’s 42 damage bonus to melee heroes now stacks.
    No longer requires Ogre Power Gauntlet.
  • Purification Staff now comes with 2 charges instead of 1.

Other changes:

  • A new mode, “-debug” was added.
    Can create multiple heroes, and reset hero mana and strength at will.
    However, multiple heroes inevitably causes problems.
  • Hakurouken mastery now adds 25 spell damage to melee heroes instead of 15.