A cute “Dungeon Crawler” with almost every Touhou character playable.

Despite the lack of user interactive actions, the game is still surprisingly fun to play.

You choose 3 characters to create your “Dream Team” and then proceed to sit back and AFK. Or you could watch your waifus battle the monsters. Either way, your characters will slowly gain equipment and levels as time passes. The 3 touhousketeers will find themselves exploring various areas of Gensokyo such as the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Eientei, and much more.

The game is extremely slow paced and is not meant to be constantly watched. Events only happen every 5 minutes once your party has begun exploring, which is probably the reason why this is such a good AFK game so to speak. Just set the exploring timer to 24 hours, go sleep, ???, profit.

Other than exploring the game has a few extra quirks. There are several mini-games that one can play if one wishes to pass time (They have no effect on the actual gameplay.) And your party will rarely find Bishamonten balls that you can use to buy several things, one of which includes one of the several “Ero” pictures. (Oh my, I do believe I’m having some vapors!)

Of course there are still many little details and events that happen within the game but I have yet to see them all so.. Good Luck and happy exploring!

Caution: You will have to set your internal computer time zone to GMT(UTC) +09:00 or just Japan/Korea or else the game wont start. Also, time cheating will cause your save to be deleted.


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