A simple flash game that revolves around one mechanic.

The main character is able to create “copies” of himself that mimic his past actions. Through this ability, the player solves levels which range from climbing high ledges, and jumping over empty gaps of space, and so on and so forth. Just imagine the things you could do if there were two of you!

Now, you’d probably be expecting some complex controls system or something of the like, but no. The controls and mechanics are very intuitive, which is very much ideal for a short game such as this one. The difficulty curve is also quite slight, providing a small but satisfying challenge for the causal gamer.

Aesthetics-wise, the art is plain, the music is a simple melody, and the storyline is fairly linear. Even the main menu (see above) is very simple. The duration of the game is probably somewhat lacking, simply because there are so few levels. It’s fun though, so that’s good.

Overall, the aesthetics and accessibility of this game allows it to appeal to just about anyone, while the mechanics can provide some plain and simple fun.

I’ll not bugger you anymore with my walls o’ text, so here’s the game.