[Forest306] 星屑の還る場所 ”Artificial StarDust”

For a change, I review a more acoustic album. No electronic instruments or vocals!

I don’t really know much about this circle, but it seems they mostly produce acoustic-style music, with heavy emphasis on guitar. They’ve been around for quite a while, and have released a large number of albums so if you like this album you’ll probably find alot more to like from them.

While I don’t usually enjoy acoustic music, this album was pretty decent for me. It has some issues with build-up, but other than that most of the individual tracks are fine. There does seem to be a pattern of overly lengthy and repetitive tracks though.

Circle Name: Forest306
Album Name: 星屑の還る場所 ”Artificial StarDust”
Website: http://forest306.com/

  1. だ、ごんだくたー – H-36
    A rather excellent arrangement of Neo Super-Express to start off with, and also a good demonstration of what to expect from this album. I liked the harmonica alot, it makes for a nice twist on the original and adds alot to the whole unplugged vibe of the album. I found the guitar and drums mostly forgettable though.
  2. ポール – ホイールド・ユニバース
    Another fairly light-sounding track, this time featuring a guest arranger. There’s some harmonica used in this as well, but it’s not as sharp as the previous track and seems a bit lethargic. A bit too repetitive for my taste, but it gets better towards the end. Guitar is decent this time round.
  3. jun1_onod – 悠久を漂流う
    This track immediately sounds rather special when compared to the rest, not least for having an arranger with no Japanese characters in his name. It’s slower-sounding than the previous tracks, and the introduction for it sounded quite promising, but the rest of the track didn’t live up to it. If the harmonica weren’t quite as loud, this would be a fantastic track
  4. だ、ごんだくたー – 木星カプチーノ
    A very relaxed-sounding introduction to a fairly cheerful track, this is where the guitar really starts to shine. While I would have liked a darker sound to follow up the introduction with, they managed to make this sound rather pleasing with some blending of wind instruments and guitar. Quite special, really.
  5. だ、ごんだくたー – GMT+9
    An extremely interesting use of piano in this song coupled with an excellent choice of original track makes this the most stand-out track of the entire album. I particularly like the use of piano chords later on, which adds a significant punch to an otherwise fairly soft track. It’s a pity that the development isn’t quite up to par in this track, so it mostly hangs around doing the same thing for 4 minutes.
  6. だ、ごんだくたー – 蓬莱伝説
    As we approach the end of the album, everything starts sounding more relaxing. There’s some more traditional Japanese-sounding instruments used in this that I can’t quite name, but you’ll know what it is when you hear it. It adds an oriental touch to the entire track, and when combined with some soft piano and flute makes this an extremely relaxing piece.
  7. だ、ごんだくたー – 星屑の還る場所
    The final track of the album, and probably the most emotional as well. It seems to be bidding farewell to the listener almost, with a very sad sound to the entire track. I like the usage of flute in this more than in any other song – it fits the mood very well and makes it sound somewhat more cheerful.

Overall, I’m rather liking this album quite a bit. It’s a bit too lethargic for me to listen to most of the time, but it’s rather excellent for winding down after a long day.

Though I’d just listen to a Ruxia album for that.