And now I review another electronic album!

This circle’s name is actually Spanish for “North Wind”, so I guess it’s a very well-done attempt at sounding snobby. Doesn’t really have anything to do with the music though, so we’ll put aside the name. The main arranger of this circle is takayakuki@jp, who is a very handsome fellow:

I guess you could say he looks like a northerner. Moving on, there’s alot of various electronic influences in this album, which is probably best described as a mix of Tecnho/Trance/Prog. Trance, although it leans more towards Trance than Techno.

Needless to say, if you absolutely hate electronic music you won’t like this album at all and can probably stop reading here.

Okay, now that the pansies others are gone, let’s talk abit more about this album! It’s arranged almost like a DJ set for the 5 first tracks, with smooth transitions in and out, and an excellent balanced sense to the entire album.

That’s probably because takayuki@jp is actually a DJ. So yeah.

Circle Name: Viento Del Norte
Website: http://www7.plala.or.jp/evo-revo/pn/

  1. takayuki@jp – Intro
    An introductory track that blends smoothly into the second track. More circles should do things like this. Quite light-sounding while still demonstrating the synthesizer-heavy style that the rest of the album will be following.
  2. takayuki@jp – Pleasurable Note
    One of the most interesting remixes of Phantom Ensemble I’ve heard in a bit. I like how the melody is pushed into the background while the drums take the center stage, and there’s a good amount of development throughout the track as well. My only complaint is that the breakdown timings are rather shoddy.
  3. takayuki@jp – dreamin’ remain
    A PC-98 remix, this isn’t an original song that pops up very often. It has a much more punchy feel to the melody, while sounding more or less like a continuation of the previous 2 tracks. Rather good mixing on this one, I like the piano alot. It’s a pity that it isn’t a real piano though, that would have been excellent.
  4. takayuki@jp – NtNd
    A rare instance where Candid Friend isn’t slow-paced! A much more dance-like vibe to this song, with the melody complementing the heavy drums quite well. I like the off-chorus bits more than real chorus though, with much more inventive mixing of the melody going on there.
  5. takayuki@jp – Chinese Tea (2010 remaster ver.)
    This is a rather unique arrangement of Chinese Tea, with a very repetitive chord throughout the song. Some people might find it grating, but I like it alot! The breakdown near the middle and its subsequent anthem makes this a fantastic arrangement, very energetic and punchy. The moment when the melody is played for the first time is quite unforgettable, and makes this the best track of the album for me.
  6. sige – Put up the lovely sunshade
    Not quite sure how I feel about this one. It’s a considerable departure from the past 5 tracks, with a much more D&B/Hard Trance-ish style. It’s not particularly bad in any sense, but it’s also not very good. Somewhat average track.
  7. イツザビーツ – Breeze
    Another rather unique arrangement, this time of Lunatic Princess. It’s got a very catchy repeating chord that makes the entire track feels rather light-hearted and playful, a feeling which is only enhanced by the lighter drums. The climax is also suitably strong, and there’s good development throughout. Second best track!
  8. ろびAnagrams – a piece of elixir
    Interesting to say the least. Interesting-Good or Interesting-Bad is another matter. I’m not very fond of this at all, it has a very loud D&B-ish take on things, but it’s not particularly melodic at all and it seems to be wasting a fair amount of potential.

Rather nice album, though it gets boring after a bit with all the bad tracks in it. I’m quite fond of Breeze after all though, it’s a rare light-hearted and playful take on Lunatic Princess, which always seems to get melodramatic type arrangements with a ton of vocals layered over.