The real B41 at last.

Download: Mediafire

This version of the map uses Sound Pack 4.9 and Model Pack 1.7.


General Bug Fixes:

  • General text fixes.
  • Fixed a bug with Hon Gan Sword.
  • Fixed a bug with Kyouko’s Long-Range Echo not working.
  • Fixed a bug with Gae Bolg’s ability not working.
  • Various other fixes

Item Balance Changes:

  • Gae Bolg now has an ability.
    Does 200 damage to an enemy within 300 range and stuns for 0.5 seconds. 17.5 second cooldown.

Hero Balance Changes:

  • Suika’s Missing Power changed from Avatar base spell to Thunder Clap.

Other Changes:

  • A new game mode has been added, FIFA mode. (-fifa mode)
    I’m too lazy to translate the changes that take place in FIFA mode.