Comic Market 80 is next week, so there will be alot of new stuff coming out soon! I take a look at some new albums that I’m looking forward to after the jump.

I’m not really a big fan of using crossfades to judge albums, since they usually only show the best part of each track which can be quite misleading, but we don’t really have much of a choice at this point in time.

Stuff I’m looking forward to:

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Syrufit & Poplica are both releasing one album each at C80, which is also the last album that Syrufit will be releasing. While this is somewhat sad, I’m also excited to see what* will be doing in the future. Maybe they’ll start a band?

Ruxia's C.C

At last, another full-length Ruxia album. kanabun is taking part as well this time, which should be very interesting. I liked Apple & Honey alot in Flower, Sun and Moon, which I’ve reviewed previously. Can’t wait for this one!

Attrielectrock's ReFind

Attrielectrock’s albums tend to be pretty decent, and this should be no exception. Find is my favourite album from them, so this should be very, very good.

Aftergrow's Seven lies from my Dystopia

It’s been a while(C78) since Aftgergrow last released an independent album, so this should be excellent. Hiratake’s work is absolutely fantastic, can’t wait for this as well. SADLY, one of the tracks has Hiratake on vocals. Not looking forward to that.

Cytokine's BACKFLASH Audibility

A remix album by Cytokine of their previous works. Not really a fan of remix albums though, they tend to feel rather old. We’ll see how this one is when it’s released.

Felt's Blue Drop

While I wasn’t very impressed with their C79 release, FELT is a pretty decent circle so their C80 release should be interesting.

Fox Ravel's FINALE Vol.2

I like FOX RAVEL quite a bit. They do pretty hardcore stuff though, so I imagine most people would be put off by them. Still, nam5 is a pretty cool guy.

Kinzoku On's GENSOU HARDSOUND #006

Some of my favourite hardcore stuff, lots of bam bam bam in this so probably most people would be put off as well. moro does a pretty nice job of producing Gabber.

That’s pretty much everything I’m looking forward for. There’s plenty of albums that I haven’t listed, but those are pretty much guaranteed to come out anyway and I’m not particularly interested in listing them.