The second half of the series, making “Love Over”, otherwise known as “Lover”!

For those unfamiliar with the circle, Syrufit is short for Studio Syrup Comfiture, which means god knows what. They produce mainly Vocal Trance/Trance stuff, but sometimes feature Drum & Bass music on their albums as well, usually from guest arrangers such as LinJin from Cytokine. Their previous releases have been collaborations with other artists, but this time everything is done in-house by Syrufit( and Poplica*(TAK-SK).

I’ve been delaying writing this for quite a bit since I don’t really know what to say about this album. I enjoyed love so much that I had very high expectations for this album, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. At the same time though, I do like it somewhat, just not as much as I thought I would.

The dangers of high expectations, huh.

Circle Name: Syrufit
Album Name: over

  1. Syrufit – over.
    A rather Poplica*-esque trance track, sounds very promising and makes for a great introduction to the album. I like the lighter piano in this track, it’s very catchy. I would have liked more tracks like this one, plain and simple trance without any vocals.
  2. Mei Ayakura – 月影少女
    Ayakura Mei is credited in English style for this album, not terribly sure why. I’m not very fond of this since it feels like it’s eternally building-up, and it gets rather repetitive after a while. Ayakura does an okay-ish job on the vocals, but I would have preferred someone else like Tsbuaki doing it. Instrumentals are mostly the standard stuff you would expect from Syrufit, not great but not bad either.
  3. Mei Ayakura – it’s your world in scarlet
    Quite a different style in this song, almost sounds like Hard Trance. It does peter out towards the middle though, so that’s all right. Ayakura gets to do more Engrish lyrics in this song, which is always great. I get the feeling that everyone likes making her sing English lyrics since she does it reasonably well and sounds about 60% more cute when doing it. Not a particularly outstanding track, but not bad either.
  4. Mei Ayakura – Stray child’s Alice
    A very catchy track with a great introduction sequence, and a very funky beat to it. This was actually arranged by Poplica*, which is probably why I like it alot more than the other tracks. I liked the slight electronic touch to the vocals, it really adds alot to the track and ups the electro feel of it alot. Excellent track.
  5. eerie – Card in the future
    Once again another song featuring eerie, who I know nothing about. Her vocals suits the song quite well though, more so than any other vocalist(except Tsubaki). Very cheerful feel to the instrumentals overall, and quite a good track for the change. Instrumentals are okay, but the trumpets are too silly.
  6. Mei Ayakura – High jump love
    I like the beat of this song alot more than the previous few, it builds up well without sounding too repetitive and gets energetic really quickly. This is one of the few saving graces of the album, along with “Stray child’s Alice” that proved to me that Syrufit isn’t just screwing around with this album. Excellent instrumentals, and good work on the vocals as well. Good track.
  7. Syrufit – errrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Umm, what? This song is extremely strange. It’s abit harder than what I would expect from Syrufit, and there isn’t really much melody to it. It’s just a constant beat for the entire duration with not much else. Everything seems thrown in randomly, and there’s nothing good at all about this track. Would have been much better off making something lighter to suit the mood from the previous tracks.
  8. eerie – Take it
    eerie’s second track of the album, and Syrufit continues on with the hard beats. This time it’s more interesting than the previous 3 minutes and 42 seconds of utter randomness, but there still isn’t much goodness in this track. Syrufit just isn’t very good at making hard trance, and hard trance simply doesn’t go very well with this type of vocals. eerie’s vocals just barely save this track from being total garbage.
  9. Mei Ayakuraya – Threat of rain
    A repeat of Stray child’s Alice, almost. Much happier and lighter than what we’ve had before this, and very uplifting overall in terms of mood. Ayakura gets to show off her excellence with higher pitches, and at long last we get some nice Vocal Trance instead of other… stuff. Quite pleasing overall, which is a relief.
  10. Poplica* – ———–
    Interesting title. Very funky song overall, sounds excellent too, with a very electro-esque vibe to the entire song. There’s quite simply nothing else in this album that can match this track, everything is done wonderfully and at the right timings as well. Melody is great, vocals sound awesome and instrumentals are very strong and pleasing. My favourite track of the album.

I’m not usually very negative in album reviews – if I don’t like an album I won’t even review it. So this is the first time I’m going to end this review with negative comments as well. I’m very, very disappointed with this album. It could really have been so much better, and I think Syrufit could really have done a better job with the solo tracks. Of course, I just don’t think Hard Trance suits him at all – much better that he sticks with Trance/Vocal Trance/Electro stuff. Things are just better that way.

Poplica*’s tracks are the only reason for me to ever listen to this album, and even then it’s not really that good since there’s only two/three songs that are worth listening to.