(M3-26) [Disorder Circulation] DCCD-05

A very spacey, ambient album from Disorder Circulation. Worth checking out if you’re a fan of ambient music, otherwise skip this one.

Disorder Circulation albums aren’t very popular, mainly due to the fact that they tend to be released at M3 events, which are smaller than Comiket in general. The fact that they do very new-age style, electronic and ambient-style music doesn’t help it either.

Still, they’re awesome.

I’m pretty sure that you can’t download this album anywhere, and I’m not particularly motivated to change that, so all you get is a bunch of youtube links. I think this disc is out of print now, so no chance of buying it either. You can get the newest album by Disorder Circulation though, Anti Gravitized Soundtracks

Circle Name: Disorder Circulation
Album Name: 1013.25
Website: http://dc.seeds-9.com/dccd-05/

  1. Czk – Ceres
    A very light, trace-ish introduction to the album that showcases the light, spacey and distinctly electronic feel of this album. Quite relaxing and has a very nice balance to it, but not particularly special in its own right. Feels a bit like the launch center for a spaceship though.
  2. Czk – Astraea
    More spacey stuff, this time with 50% more energy! Quite a good track actually, sort of has a “spaceship in space!” feel to it. Definitely interesting, and is a nice break from the other tracks of the album, which tend to be alot quieter and more desolate in feeling.
  3. gray – Charon
    My absolute favourite of the album, this conjures up an image of something lifeless slowly drifting through space. I liked the build-up and the lighter piano near the middle, it’s an excellent change of mood. Very, very nice track with good ambiance and even better atmosphere to it.
  4. gray – Eris
    A sort of Extraterrestrial-like feel to it, with a much harder sound than the previous few tracks. I’m not particularly a fan of it as a solo-track, but it does help to build the mood of the album. Passable.
  5. gray – Sedna
    As expected of gray, another very bass-heavy track. This time, it’s more calming than Eris so it’s fine with me. Starts off sort of poignant and empty, but builds up nicely into some more energetic bits. Quite fitting.
  6. Czk – Iris
    Back to Czk, with another light and calming trance track to finish off the album. This is my second favourite of the album, it sounds very nice and calming while having a sort of journey-like vibe as well. I doubt that I will ever dislike anything that Czk makes, everything he does seems to be acceptable or better.

In retrospect, I suppouse this is more of a mixed Trance/Ambient/Electronic album. gray seems to make alot more ambient-style stuff that’s heavy on the bass, while Czk seems to favour a much lighter style that’s based around synthesized melodies. They go well together.