A relatively minor update to fix a relatively major bug.

Download: Mediafire

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Miyako’s Score Desire Eater didn’t work properly
  • Fixed Mystia’s Human Cage stun time.

The reason why this version is being released is that the weather optimization has a severe error that doesn’t reset the EXP gain rate for twilight. This is most obvious when twilight is the first weather – there’s a bug in the original map where if twilight is the first, the exp rate is set to 0% for the duration of the weather. Because the weather ends before the first creeps spawn, this usually isn’t noticed and all is well, but in the “optimized” version of the weather trigger twilight’s EXP rate isn’t reset. So yeah.

Original, Optimized, Optimizedv2 code if you want to have a looksie.