Album Review – (C80) [Ruxia] C.C. - cosmological constant-

At last, a new full-length release from Ruxia. But is it really the same Ruxia from previous ages?

While the main arrangers of Ruxia are Czk and gray, the album this time round features two guest arrangers as well – bane and kanabun. This means that the overall feel of the album is pretty different from its predecessors, and there’s not much that remains the same.

gray also showcases his new style quite a bit in this album, with plenty of dark, industrial minimalist stuff. This is something that you will probably either love or hate when you hear it, there’s not much I can say that will change your mind on this. Thankfully, bane’s style of light electronic trance is quite suitable for Ruxia, so there’s not too much disruption there. The overall sound does end up being somewhat different though.

Circle Name: Ruxia
Album Name: C.C. – cosmological constant-

  1. gray – VOR
    Quite an interesting track, very spacey and ambient. Similar to Disorder Circulation‘s work and very minimalistic in nature – definitely something you will either love or hate, as mentioned earlier. Personally, I think this is a very fitting introduction to the album, and there’s some nice development as the track goes on too. Quite eerie and spacey.
  2. Czk – Phalaenopsis
    Czk is rather fond of random english words – this one in particular refers to a genus of Orchids, probably not very related to the song itself. At a length of 10:21, this is longest track of the album, and it uses that time to do a painfully long build-up that seems to go on forever. I rather like this one though, the wait is worth every second once the track matures. Very progressive in nature, quite good too.
  3. bane – sky flower
    Not a very subtle title. The first track by bane, who has done other stuff as well. It’s a fair bit more energetic than what I would be expecting from Ruxia, but the light tone of the track makes it fine for me. This actually turned out to be one of my favourite tracks of the album, it has a very light feel and cheerful feel that I can’t hate.
  4. Czk – Chinensis
    This time referring to a type of berry, the cryptic titles continue. This is rather similar to Phalaenopsis in structure, with a very progressive feel to it as well. I liked the addition of orchestral instruments, they make it sound quite different and adds a nice touch to the track, which would otherwise sound more or less identical to Phalaenopsis.
  5. gray – afterwards
    Ambient music galore? Well, not quite enough to classify this as ambient, this is more of a minimalist track by gray. It develops over the course of the song, very slowly, feeling almost like something is slowly being deconstructed. The wind chimes in the background add a nice little foreboding touch to it, which I like a fair bit too.
  6. gray – decay
    A much darker track than the previous, almost industrial in nature. Carries over nicely from the last track, which seemed to have a theme of deconstruction – this one has a theme of construction instead! How thematic. Is quite heavy on the bass side of things though, so some people might find it unpleasant. I liked this too.
  7. kanabun – field
    Never really would have expected for dubstep/electro to be in this album, but here it is. It’s quite different from kanabun’s previous work with Ruxia, which was my favourite track of the album. Coincidentally, this is my favourite track of the album too. There’s something quite nice and fitting about the entire track, despite it being quite different from what we’ve had so far. Definitely recommend this to anyone.
  8. Czk – Helianthus Annus
    Another rather fancy title, though it just means sunflower. Once again the structure is fairly formulaic, although this time I think it’s done best of all. Very smooth, suave and sexy relaxing in nature, definitely feels like the old Ruxia’s work. While the album is quite different from Ruxia’s older works, some tracks are reminiscent of their older style, which is always nice to have. Good stuff as well.
  9. bane – summer cloud
    Once again bane produces something that’s far more energetic than the rest of the album, although it’s wrapped up in a nice veil of light-trance/house. A rather pleasant arrange of Voyage 1969, although somewhat jarring compared to the previous, lighter works we’ve had. I got quite fond of this track after a while though, it is quite pleasant overall – just not what I would imagine Ruxia to be.
  10. Czk – Cerasus
    This time referring to Cherry, I guess that’s related because of Yuyuko’s connections to Sakura Blossoms which are actually Cherry trees, so okay then. I liked the choice of this theme as the closing arrangement, Border of Life has a very final-ish feel to it, and it’s very fitting overall. It’s wrapped up in the usual stuff you can expect from Czk, although with more energy than usual, which is probably related to bane in one way or another. Not bad at all.

Although I do quite like the album, it’s not something I would call Ruxia.

I’m quite disappointed with the new direction of Ruxia – it seems to be heading towards a general Trance/Techno feel, and it’s not really what I think of when I think of Ruxia. I liked Astrometry the best of all the releases we’ve had so far, and that style doesn’t seem to exist anymore in Ruxia.

I think this is more due to gray and Czk’s musical styles maturing more than anything else, which is great and all that but I still miss my old Ruxia and I want it back. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll see anything like Imaginary Flower again, which is one of my favourite tracks of all time.