[pastyle] Unconscious Step

Mostly D&B in this album, if you don’t like that you should give this one a miss.

I haven’t really heard of the circle pastyle before this album, but I have heard one of LAZ’s tracks before, and it seems like his style is still mostly the same in this album. It’s very much D&B-oriented, but there’s plenty of electronic influences and a wide range of different sounds, all of which are quite interesting. This is probably one of the best D&B albums from C80 as well.

ziki_7 is also an arranger for this album, which certainly can’t hurt. He seems to like doing guest tracks for other people’s albums and has racked up quite a few collaborations with various circles like n-tone, Attrielectrock, while still producing songs for XL Project and Dust Box 49.

Pretty good, really.

Circle Name: pastyle
Album Name: Unconscious Step
Website: http://pastyle.web.fc2.com/PLCD-0003_Unconscious_Step.html

  1. LAZ – A null set
    A rather nice and mellow(for D&B, at least) song to start things off with, has some excellent build-up and breakdown bits, and a very nice choice of original melody as well. Quite pleasant and a good way to start off the album.
  2. LAZ – B magic
    Very interesting and energtic right off the bat, I like that in a track. I’m also quite partial to distorted bass, so that helps too. Pretty good stuff. It is quite “weird” in normal terms though, so your mileage may vary.
  3. Jean – Close encounter
    Don’t know whi this arranger is, but s/he’s not bad. Almost feels a bit like trance, but is still mostly in the realm of D&B music. Would like to hear more from this person.
  4. LAZ – Dive mind
    Interesting that LAZ’s style changes for this track, he must be quite a versatile fellow. It’s a bit slower on the build-up, but the anthem is as energetic as anything else. I like the choice of instruments in this as well, distorted instruments are my love.
  5. ziki_7 – Smoke filter
    Another fairly interesting track with alot of trance influence as well, transitioning smoothly from trance into D&B and back into trance. Quite hard to pull that off, but if anyone can make it work it’s ziki_7. Sadly it feels rushed in some portions, but it’s still definitely worth listening to.

If you’re looking for more D&B stuff, you should check out the previous review on Project Sync, which I also liked. You can also check out Levo Lution or Poplica’s newer albums, which are pretty Drum and Bassey.