The usual changes and stuff, also incubator position got changed so that if you click wrongly, instead of dropping an item you sell it by accident.

Download: DDL(Singapore Server) / Mediafire / puush

This version of the map uses Sound Pack 5.6 and Model Pack 1.9. Patch: puush

Patchlog translated by Cybeast:

General Fixes

  • Fixed the problem with Suwako’s “Jade of Horrid River”
  • Fixed Toyosatomimi’s “Color of Twelve Levels” text
  • Fixed a bug with Luna’s “Moon Stillness” where it will eliminate background noise after the duration
  • Fixed a bug where Keine’s “First Pyramid” reflected more damage then it should have
  • Fixed a bug where Parsee’s Jealousy against the Bright Good Man would not correctly duplicate items
  • Fixed a bug where you could lose money for trying to upgrade your innate when you already did
  • Fixed a bug where if Mamizou died with a duel activated, it would not be activated when you respawn
  • Fixed a bug where if Satori copied Ghostly Wheel Concerto Grosso, it would not cooldown properly
  • Fixed a bug where cooldown resets were not working properly for Orin
  • Fixed a bug where Eirin’s Game of Life would not target air units
  • Yukari’s Dimension Gap’s positions has been slightly modified
  • Toyosatomimi’s Laser of Seventeen Articles no longer damages magic immune units
  • Fixed a text error with Koishi’s “All Ancestors Standing Beside Your Bed”
  • Fixed a text error with Seiga Kaku’s “TAO Fetal Movement ~Dao~”
  • Fixed a text error with Ran’s “Descent of Izuna Gongen” related to duration
  • Fixed a text error with Chen’s innate

Hero Balance Changes

  • Nazrin’s gold rush no longer bypasses Level 15’s EXP reductions.
  • Suwako’s “Jade of Horrid River” interval increased from 0.6 -> 1 second
  • Lily White’s “Rejuvenation” cooldown reduced from 14 -> 12 seconds
  • Lily White’s “Pollen Girl Warning” decreased cooldown from 15 -> 13 seconds
  • Lily White’s “Lily White Healing” reduced range from 600 -> 750
  • Kaku’s “TAO Fetal Movement ~Dao~” decreased activation time from 3.5 seconds -> 2.5 seconds
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Laser of Seventeen Articles” drains hp by 4%+20 instead of 5%
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Laser of Seventeen Articles” AoE reduced from 250 to 200
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Royal Chaotic Clan Dance” damage reduction delay changed from 4/3/2 -> 3 seconds
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Royal Chaotic Clan Dance” critical chance increased from 25% to 25%/30%/35%
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Royal Chaotic Clan Dance” cooldown reduced from 175/140 to 160/135
  • Luna Child’s “Silent Flower” now ignores magic immunity
  • Luna Child’s “Silent Flower” range increased from 600/650/700/750/1150 -> 400/550/700/850/1200
  • Luna Child’s “Silent Flower” will no longer be tricked by certain skills which grant magic immunity after being cast, which then dispels the silencing.
  • Mamizou’s “Mamizou Danmaku in Ten Transformation” can no longer be cancelled in the first 10 seconds.
  • Mamizou’s “Mamizou Danmaku in Ten Transformation” health bonus increased from 150/225/300 -> 150/300/450
  • Reimu’s “Bright Orb Cast into Shade” stun duration increased to 0.6 seconds when mastered
  • Sanae’s “The Miracle of Paproschkis” cooldown reduced from 14 -> 12 seconds
  • Minoriko’s Promise of the Wheat God can now be upgraded to give all allies 1.5 mana regen
  • Keine’s “First Pyramid” cooldown increased from 60 to -> 90 seconds
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Falling Stars on Divine Spirit Mausoleum” damage reduction to buildings changed from 30% to 60%
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Falling Stars on Divine Spirit Mausoleum” damage increased from 80 to 120
  • Toyosatomimi’s “Falling Stars on Divine Spirit Mausoleum” cooldown reduced from 145 to 135
  • Ran’s “Descent of Izuna Gongen” cooldown increased from 135 to 150 seconds
  • Ran’s “Descent of Izuna Gongen” mana cost reduced from 80/135/190 to 80/115/150
  • Reimu’s “Bright Orb Cast into Shade” now increases all values when mastered
  • Satori’s Power to read minds can now be upgraded to remove damage penalty
  • Prismriver Sisters’ Ghostly Wheel Concerto Grosso’s cooldown can now be reset
  • Shikieki’s Last Judgement can now heal enemies if the value is negative
  • Shikieki’s Last Judgement cooldown reduced from 170 -> 160 seconds
  • Shikieki’s Last Judgement damage is no longer seperate for base and k/d calculated damage

Item Changes

  • Undead Law now gives 42/2% chance to do 4.2/2 times damage (21%/critical for 2.1 times dmg)
  • Linken’s Crystal Orb duration reduced from 45 -> 12 seconds
  • Linken’s Crystal Orb cooldown reduced from 60 -> 35 seconds
  • Linken’s Crystal Orb’s SFX has been changed

Other Changes

  • If a hero kills another hero, but that hero is outside of the EXP gain range of 850, the killing hero receives 100+20*DyingHeroLevel EXP. Level 15 penalty applies
  • Added a BGM for Akyu’s Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
  • Added a BGM for Hatate’s Double Spoiler
  • Troll Witchdoctor’s bloodlust hotkey changed from L to B
  • Troll Witchdoctor’s bloodlust mana cost reduced from 75 to 30
  • Troll Witchdoctor’s Breath of Fire damage increased from 80 to 125
  • Incubator’s position has been changed
  • Leaving players’ gold will be split between all allies.
  • Reduced gold bonus from leaving players from 25 every 60 seconds to 15 every 90 seconds.