A very jazzy album from Sound CYCLONE, very downtempo-ish. Pretty interesting, you should check it out if you like female vocals.

I’ve liked Sound CYCLONE ever since I first heard them – they have a very unique combination of jazz and pop elements that’s just amazingly distinct from most other circles I find. Their music tends to be quite catchy, while not being entirely boring, which is good.

They do like to have male vocals in a fair number of their songs though, which is something that’s put me off their albums a bit. I’m all over their instrumentals and female vocals, but the male vocals just mess everything up in my opinion, and should not exist!

(I hate male vocals, in case you haven’t figured that out)

Circle Name: Sound CYCLONE
Album Name: Song Writer’s Soul
Website: http://cyclone.main.jp/disco/sws/index.htm

  1. witch – Singin’ Girl
    Somehow manages to sound childish while still being quite delicate and complex – very good stuff. I also like the vocalist for this song, witch. She has a nice and soothing voice, and this style of song suits her well. Good composition, and nice sound.
  2. しゃばだば – タクティクス
    MALE VOCALS, OH NO. It’s actually pretty decent apart from the vocals, and isn’t bad at all, which was surprising. I would be interested to hear an instrumental version of this song, but definitely not a fan of this with the vocals.
  3. witch – soup (in A)
    Another lovely song with witch singing, instead of a male person who I do not care for. Very bright sounding in general with a consistent feel throughout. Thankfully, it doesn’t get repetitive because of the lovely vocals in this, good stuff.
  4. crouch – SI3260
    The first instrumental track of the album, kind of has a shonen-anime feel to it, or something like Zelda’s soundtrack. Reeks of adventure and heroes and hope and cheerfulness, which are hopefully things that you don’t hate. Because if you do, you’ll hate this track.
  5. sou – intrelude d(o-o)b
    A more relaxed and suave feel than what we’ve had so far, this is definitely something that would be quite fitting or a lounge scene. Interesting emoticon stuck in the title, probably is referring to headphones but could also be thumbs up! In which case, I give this song a thumbs up too.
  6. しゃばだば – 夏祭り
    It’s That Male Vocal again! This time it’s even worse! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THIS *HITS NEXT TRACK*
  7. witch – おやすみのキス
    This is one of the most relaxing tracks I’ve heard in a long time, with very soft/fluffy vocals that just drift by slowly, and a very light touch of piano to the mix. The lyrics are also quite relaxing(they mention good night, warm beds, etc.), pretty cool stuff. It’s so nice when albums have a farewell-style track in their albums, it makes it feel so much more complete.

Apart from the male vocals, pretty good stuff. I’d recommend listening to anything with witch doing vocals really, she does a pretty good job of the whole vocals thing.