Comic Market 81 is tomorrow, and that means a ton of new releases coming our way very soon! Once again, I’m taking a look at some upcoming albums that should be quite lovely.

I should disclose that I don’t find crossfades very good in general, since they can be misleading. Not like we have an alternative right now though.

Stuff I’m looking forward to:

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(This isn’t actually the banner, there isn’t one so I just cropped the album image a bit.)

I’ve started to like Alstroemeria’s releases again after the disappointing C78 and C79 albums, which were quite bog-standard and had nothing interesting about them. I’m much more a fan of the recent move towards more electro and progressive house-style music, both of which are genres I like. Judging from the crossfade, this album continues that shift and should be quite decent.

This is Studio Syrup Comfiture and Poplica’s solo release for C81, judging by their previous works this should be pretty good. They’ve actually released an album at Touhou Kouroumu 7 in October called 2chain, which I liked way more than over. Hopefully this release will be as good.


Hmm, not quite sure what to think of this but I’m pretty sure it’ll be interesting. This is a collaboration between Studio Syrup Comfiture and Pizuya’s Cell, which are two fairly different circles. The crossfade doesn’t sound too bad, although I would have expected something more electronic from Studio Syrup Comfiture’s bits. Ayakura Mei provides alot of vocals for this too, which should be nice.

CYTOKINE, ZYTOKINE? Sure, why not. Nice to hear aki providing some vocals again at least, though I wonder if it will be as good as bifurcation, which was the last album I really liked from CYTOKINE. Also seems like it has some dubstep, which is interesting as well.

It’s nice to have another echo project release after so long, this should be pretty good. I would say more about it, but unfortunately their website is a bunch of lovely symbols soo… yeah.

I liked their C81 release, ReFIND quite a bit, although it still was still not quite as good as it could have been. Hopefully it’s better this time round, although even if it were only as good as their previous releases it would still be pretty spectacular.

While I was strangely disappointed for some reason with Kokoro Vibration from C79, I didn’t exactly dislike it either. It was just a little weird and off-putting when trying to judge each track individually, as a whole I still rate Kokoro Vibration very highly. That said, this new release should be very interesting – it sounds like a return to Shibayan’s older style, which I liked as well.

I would buy this just for the cover, but apparently Hiratake is arranging one of the songs in this album, which also is something I would buy an entire album for. Seriously though, click through and look at the cover – it’s amazingly moe.

The website isn’t yet up for this album, which is rather ominous seeing as C81 is tomorrow but whatever. I liked this circle’s C80 release, gift, quite a bit. It’s one of the most unique albums that’s come out in a while, and judging from the crossfade it seems that this album continues that pattern. If you like electronic music, this is a name to look out for.

Yeah, sure, why not. Pretty much the only hardcore stuff I care about at this point in time, though I’m sure I’ll stumble onto something interesting when the albums start flowing in. I’m getting a bit tired of these releases though, they seem to have been declining in quality since #003.

Other things I should mention

Didn’t feel very interested in their C80 album, so I’m not anticipating this too much. I’m sure someone out there is, though.

Because everyone and their mom loves East New Sound, so why not.

That just about wraps up everything that looks interesting for C81. I was a bit worried about whether Alstroemeria Records and Syrufit were going to release anything, since they’ve been rather busy DJing up the whole of Japan apparently. Looks like they managed to pull through and throw together some music in time for C81 though.