Another fairly short album, this time with lots of melancholic, experimental-style electronic stuff. Featuring kanabun, gray and CZK, it’s worth checking out if you enjoyed any of their previous works – if you didn’t, this album probably won’t appeal to you.

It’s unfortunate that KPDrecords is so obscure – their releases simply don’t get alot of publicity, and it’s ridiculously hard to find any of their albums. The only album that’s not out of print is their free release, which I loved dearly.

I’m not sure if physical copies of these albums exist anywhere anymore, so I was only able to find a digital version. It would be pretty awesome if they somehow surfaced in some kind of doujin shop, but from what I understand kanabun doesn’t usually distribute his discs to shops, and even if he did these discs are already out of print.

As for the style of music in this disc, if you’re unfamiliar with kanabun, Ruxia or Disorder Circulation, well, you’re doing yourself a disservice! kanabun, gray and CZK are some of my favourite arrangers, producing electronic music like no other – it’s a very laid-back style that isn’t afraid to innovate. The word that comes to mind for gray and CZK is “Minimalist Techno”, whereas kanabun’s style is more a fusion of experimental and electronica – a very interesting combination, to say the least.

I doubt that we’ll see any more releases in this vein for a while, seeing as kanabun has moved on to form Curetronica rather than focusing on KPDrecords, which simply hasn’t been working out. It’s a pity, but at least we’ll get to listen to these tracks.

This file is named ostrich.jpg on KPDrecords' website.

Circle Name: KPDrecords
Album Name: GO!LIMIT

  1. kanabun – Mud

    In my eyes, the best track of the album. A wonderful mix of melancholic electronica with just a touch of acoustic guitar, along with a highly emotional repeating hook – this is what I really like to hear from kanabun, and it’s what he’s best at. The track develops excellently, while still holding on to that melancholic touch for its duration. Excellent stuff.

  2. gray – Pleonasm

    Leave it to gray to come up with the strangest titles. The track itself is quite interesting – you can somehow see traces of both the old and new gray in this. It’s a mix of his distinct ambient-esque style with the deep bass elements that you can find in any of his newer tracks. It’s rather sad that the melody is lacking though, otherwise this would have been much better. Avereage-ish.

  3. kanabun – Starry sky

    The second kanabun track, and also coincidentally the second best track of the album. While not being as catchy as Mud, this track also captures a lovely melancholic feeling that’s so hard to find in music – it really does feel like a starry sky, of sorts. It’s a shame that both gray and CZK’s tracks don’t really feel the same as kanabun’s tracks, especially since they can do melancholy pretty well.

  4. Czk – The Garden of Halcyon
    Another fairly strange title. In a way, this sounds like every other CZK track, with a very mild-sounding fusion of ambient and trance elements. Very long build-ups with an emphasis on building the mood, and an overall slow pace throughout the track. It’s an interesting style, but it usually ends up being pretty low on energy so I don’t like it as much. Quite decent though.

Quite an excellent album, I really do hope they come up with more releases. It’s difficult to find similar sounding albums from other circles, CZK, gray and kanabun all have musical styles that are so far from the mainstream that it’s difficult to find similar arrangers.

I do hope that if they produce more works though, they’ll continue producing Touhou albums. Ruxia is one of my favourite circles, and the lack of clear, distinct melodies is usually one of the drawbacks of their style – however, if they produce arranges instead of original compositions that flaw is usually absent. In other words, more Ruxia, please.

If you wish to purchase this album, well, tough luck.