A full-length trance/progressive house by a brand new circle! The name syatten isn’t one that’s familiar to alot of people, but that doesn’t mean you should give this album a pass. If calming trance is your thing, give this album a try.

I was quite surprised at how good this was – I just decided to randomly listen to a bunch of crossfades and this album was one of those that I just happened to listen to. I was immediately fascinated by how trance-like it sounded – it’s not often that we get traditional trance style music for the doujin scene, at least, not quality ones.

This is also the first solo album released by syatten, which makes how good this is even more of a surprise. He’s featured before on collaboration albums, and apparently works as a DJ when he’s not producing music, but nothing really close to producing a full-length album before now.

An interesting thing about this album is that, in keeping with the title, each track has a colour to go with it. This is quite interesting, to say the least, and very appropriate for trance where colours can express more emotion than just words.

Definitely someone you should keep track of if you’re interested in trance/prog. house music – here’s his twitter account, so you can stalk him.

Colorium, picture by syatten.

Circle Name: Chromesphere Records
Album Name: Colorium
Website: http://www.planetoid.biz/colorium/

    syatten - Primula (Original Mix)

  1. syatten – Primula (Original Mix)

    Starts off with a nice and strong beat, before slowly breaking down into what would be best described as The Good Old Trance. With all of the progressive house and electro going around lately, this stuff has becoming more and more rare. Lots of trance-esque synthesizers and a very euphoric melody, although the emotion is somewhat limited by its progressive house background. In the rare moments where it does let go of its progressive house roots, it becomes a truly fantastic trance piece, but these moments are few and far between. Still, it’s an excellent progressive house track and definitely leaves me wanting more.

    syatten - Bird Sprite (Progressive House Remix)

  2. syatten – Bird Sprite (Progressive House Remix)
    A much more bold start with another strong beat, although this time not being afraid to introduce the synthesizers just a touch earlier. This is yet another remix of a track that’s already been remixed countless times, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s certainly interesting to hear syatten’s take on things, although I’m a bit sick of the original track by now. The melody in this track is stronger than in Primula, but sadly there’s not as much emotion in it. The result is still a very good progressive house remix, though.

    syatten - Evangelize (Progressive House Remix)

  3. syatten – Evangelize (Progressive House Remix)
    Much less bass-intensive start this time, with a vaguely interesting drum loop before the usual house-style drums kick in. The original track for this is a very high energy hard-trance piece, so it’s interesting to see how this turned out. It’s definitely more interesting for me than Bird Sprite was, very trance-esque while still being quite beaty and having much more pleasing development than Primula did. I was quite disappointed when the ending came, this would have been great as an hour length track, probably! Excellent stuff, would recommend.

    syatten - Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix)

  4. syatten – Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix)
    Another very strong start, and the best so far. Deep bass supported by light, smooth flowing synthesizers, a combination of the best elements of both Progressive House & Trance. The melody for this track is also extremely catchy and very well-done, although that’s inherited from the original track. Combined with excellent use of buildups, anthems and breakdowns, the only thing holding this track back is its paltry 7 minute duration. Where’s our hour-long epic trance pieces?! My favourite of the album.

    syatten - Altostratus (Original Mix)

  5. syatten – Altostratus (Original Mix)
    Another original track, with a very light touch to it. A lot lighter on the progressive house side of things, albeit still with the constant house-style beat. Much of the track’s focus is on cultivating a light, trance-style feeling, resulting in more calming and relaxing experience than the previous tracks. Definitely a good call for album composition, and serves nicely as a palette cleanser while still being very interesting. Gains more energy towards its climax, but overall it still feels more relaxing than Aliceblue or Evangelize. Pretty good, pretty good.

    syatten - Swallow Dive (Dub Mix)

  6. syatten – Swallow Dive (Dub Mix)
    I wonder what a Dub Mix is? This track reminds me the most of traditional trance, with a very fast-paced and high-energy start that quickly fades off into the lovely build-up that trance is so good at. There’s plenty of deep, smooth-sounding synthesizers as well, all the while backed up by that classic house beat and following the classic progressive structure that we’ve all come to know and love. It really is just a simple execution of the good old stuff, and the result is something that’s immediately recognizable and hard to dislike. Pretty interesting, yeah.

    syatten - Kurenai (Original Mix)

  7. syatten – Kurenai (Original Mix)
    The last track of the album, and also an original track. The start for this is by far the most interesting, and already sounds like something that’ll build up into something truly fantastic. There’s just a touch of oriental hidden behind everything, which makes everything sound all the more better. The loops and synthesizers for this are probably the most interesting of the album, although I feel that Aliceblue has a more interesting melody and better management of buildups/breakdowns. Overall, the result is not bad, but definitely not the best.

While not strictly being a traditional trance album, it definitely feels like one. I’m assuming syatten is much more used to the trance side of things – on his biography, he lists himself as both a Progressive Trance and Progressive House producer. This album is more or less a fusion of the two styles, and the result is something that’s very interesting to listen to.

The question is, is it worth remembering? I personally have a hard time remembering and differentiating all but the most magnificent of trance tracks – trance tends to sound alike to a certain extent, and this applies doubly so for instrumental tracks. The best test for this album would be to wait 6 months, and see whether you still remember it.

Still, even if it’s not worth remembering, it’s definitely worth listening to and buying. If you want to purchase this album, you can get it from Diverse System’s website.