Reitaisai 9 happens tomorrow, and there’s lots of releases to be excited about! Syrufit, Alstroemeria Records and the like are all releasing new albums, have a look inside for more information!

Reitaisai is a Touhou convention that happens every year, and is often used by ZUN to distribute demos of upcoming Touhou games. Properly called the 博麗神社例大祭, or Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai (TL Note: Reitaisai means Annual Grand Festival), it’s a wonderful time for new Touhou-related releases and lots of new albums will be released at it!

One of the other draws of Reitaisai is also the excellent cosplay, here’s some:

It’s much smaller in scale than Comiket though, so don’t expect to find too many cosplay pictures!

Moving on to the music, here’s what I’ll be looking forward to:

(This isn’t actually the banner, there isn’t one so I just cropped the album image a bit.)

The crossfade sounds pretty spectacular, and Alstroemeria Records is always awesome. Surely this will be nothing short of fantastic! The usual set of vocalists feature, with the ever lovely Ayakura Mei receiving the lion’s share of vocals.

On a side note, Alstroemeria Records recently updated their website design, you should go check that out! It’s pretty cool.

Syrufit is another well-known circle that rarely fails to deliver something spectacular, and hopefully they’ll have something good this time as well! Their crossfade seems pretty decent, and there’s a track arranged by the ever-lovely Shibayan, so this should be something to look forward to!

Diverse Systems will be releasing two albums at Reitaisai, with their usual lovely production values. They’ve always had awesome website design for their CDs, with really cool stuff each time. I’m looking forward to thE3 more than 3.5, seeing as Poplica* gets a nice number of tracks there, but I’m sure both of these will be great.

Another Poplica album at long last, it’s been a while since his last solo release. I’m pretty sure that Poplica* has split from Studio Syrup Comfiture(Syrufit) by now, seeing as this release isn’t posted on Syrufit’s website. It’s also a cheap .info domain, which is an interesting choice I guess. Still, this should be a wonderful disc with lots of excellent trance/d&b courtesy of Poplica’s usual style, definitely looking forward to it.

While I haven’t had the time to review it yet, FELT’s Silver Drive album was an excellent release and definitely is something you should go check out if you haven’t already. Hopefully this album follows that trend, giving us another good album from the wonderful NAGI and Maurits.

Another eccentric album from Shibayan, this isn’t in his usual electronic house style but more similar to À procura de felicidade, which is either disappointing or lovely depending on how you feel about light-hearted folksy music. Personally I’m fine with it, but I would have liked to hear more electronic stuff from him this time.

That just about wraps it up for everything I’m looking forward to! I’m sure there’s plenty more albums out there that’ll be interesting, but this is all I’m really looking forward to at the moment.