Various bugfixes, and that new boss was actually added this time!

A model pack is required to view allied models. The Complete installer below has both the MAP file and the MODEL PACK.

Complete Download : DDL (Singapore Server) / (USA) / Mediafire


  • Place the map file in your Warcraft 3 Map folder
  • Run the installer file.
    1. Select your language
    2. Select your Warcraft III folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Warcraft III)
  • Congratulations! You now have everything working properly.

Want to help with development?

The author is looking for artists to produce a minimap preview image and a loading screen image.

The minimap preview image should ideally be around 128×128 and in TGA format, while the loading screen image should be 1024×768. If you wish to help, please contact the author at the email address below:


System Fixes

  • Map Replaced (?)
  • Selection System fixes
  • Fixed a bug where innate could not be levelled when is between 50~150.
  • Hero Attack to Heavy Armor damage changed from 1.00 -> 0.75
  • Hero Attack to Hero Armor damage changed from 0.75 -> 0.9
  • Siege Attack to Hero Armor damage changed from 0.50 -> 1.25
  • Piercing Attack to Hero Armor damage changed from 0.50 -> 1.00
  • Piercing Attack to Light Armor damage changed from 2.00 -> 1.50
  • Piercing Attack to Heavy Armor damage changed from 1.00 -> 0.80
  • Items no longer consume mana.

BOSS changes

  • Added a new BOSS, Moriya Suwako.
  • Cirno has been strengthened.

Izayoi Sakuya

  • Damage type has been changed to Piercing.
  • Attack range increased to 550.

Hong Meiling

  • Qi Consumption changed
  • Qi Sign “Earth & Sky Dragon Kick” temporarily unavailable
  • Colorful Flower “Rainbow-Colored Tai Ji Quan” temporarily unavailable
  • Qi Sign “Star Pulse Shot” INT damage reduced.
  • Qi Sign “Fierce Tiger’s Inner Strength” cooldown reduced.
  • Flaming Strike “Great Roc’s Fist” usage modified.


  • Love Sign “Master Spark”
    • Cooldown 65->58/54/50
    • Damage Multiplier (of mana) 75%/150%/225% ->80%/160%/240%
  • Comet “Blazing Star” description error fixed.
    • Cooldown 55/50/45->54/51/48
    • Damage Multiplier (of INT) 3.5/7/10.5 -> 3.0/6.0/9.0

Patchouli Knowledge

  • Fixed a bug with innate not being learnt properly.
  • Mind Magic “Magic Reincarnation” now affects allied units.

Remilia Scarlet

  • Scarlet Sign “Red the Nightless Castle” bug fixed.
  • Night Sign 「Demon King Cradle」 bug fixed.

Flandre Scarlet

  • Secret Barrage “And Then Will There Be None?” attacks reduced from 7 -> 4

Hinanai Tenshi

  • Base attackspeed reduced
  • Heaven Sign “Sword of Divine Justice” effect strengthened.
  • Weather “Scarlet Weather Persuasion” cooldown and mana cost reduced.
  • Keystone “Sky’s Spiritual Stone” cooldown, delay and duration reduced.
  • Temperament “State of Enlightenment” formula changed.

Nagae Iku

  • Base attackspeed reduced

Ibuki Suika

  • Oni Sign “Massacre on Mt.Ooe” extra damage chance reduced.
MAP ONLY Download : DDL (Singapore Server) / (USA) / Mediafire
MODELS ONLY Download : DDL (Singapore Server) / (USA) / Mediafire

If anything appears to be untranslated, please drop a comment below and I will take note of it for next version. AAAAAND I’m back to playing TERA and spending all my money on Steam sales, bye!