I finally return with a new album review! Lots of light pop-ish songs mixed in with some Vocal Trance stuff, this album has a wide appeal and will definitely be interesting for most people.

Poplica has always been one of my favourite artists – in fact, the very first review on this website was a Poplica album! Needless to say, I’m very excited to review this.

Poptrick is the first album released by Poplica without Syrufit’s assistance, and is definitely a marked departure from his previous albums. This time it’s much more along the lines of CYTOKINE’s current offerings, with a lot of electro and pop-like elements. There’s still a bit of Poplica’s old sound in there, but it’s almost completely different from Replica.

Still, change isn’t always bad, right?

Picture of something from Poplica’s Twitter

Circle Name: Poplica*
Album Name: Poptrick
Website: http://poplica.info

  1. Poplica* – Poptrick

    An… interesting start to the album, with some haunting vocals and a very light windchime-like sound in the background. Sets the mood for the album I guess, but is somewhat creepy too.

  2. 綾倉盟 – farewell

    Ayakura’s sole track of the album, and it’s not bad at all. I always like hearing her on vocals, she usually does a good job these days. It has a very light overall tone to it, but doesn’t stand out particularly well until the second half where Poplica’s signature D&B/dubstep influence comes in. Not too bad, but nothing special either.

  3. めらみぽっぷ – Zillion Lights

    Never heard of this vocalist before, but she has an interesting voice. This track has a very upbeat feel overall, and feels like it would fit a Mahou Shoujou show very well, perhaps as an insert song during the last boss fight where the heroine beats the big baddie. With a large laser. While shouting “STARLIGHT BREAKER”.

    It’s pretty decent actually, but gets a bit repetitive towards the end. Would have liked to see more development and maybe some different sounds after a bit.

  4. itori – Paint it for

    Another unknown vocalist, this time one whose name reminds me of Guilty Crown more than anything. Her voice is rather coarse and mature, which suits this song I guess. The song itself is rather reminiscent of CYTOKINE’s work – I wouldn’t have guessed it was Poplica arranging this. It’s pretty decent, but once again nothing to go crazy over.

  5. 723,fi-fy – wish to the moon

    Featuring not one, but two unknown vocalists, this song has double the vocals for double the power! The two vocalists actually sound pretty good, but I have no idea which is which since I’ve never heard any of them before. It’s incessantly cheerful and happy sounding, so if that’s your thing you’re in luck! Quite a nice song, this is actually my favourite from the album.

  6. spctrm – Ambigu

    One of Poplica’s signature touches, an instrumental track in the middle of the album. Strangely enough, this time it isn’t Poplica doing the arrangement for this song, but instead someone called spctrm. This track has quite a bit of an oriental touch to it, quite a departure from previous albums where we usually got a slow trance-esque track to break the modd a bit. Still, it’s an interesting change and definitely helps even out the album. Not bad at all, not bad at all.

  7. 市松椿 – Resolution

    Quite a spectacular track, this one! Tsubaki does a wonderful job on the vocals, managing to draw out the emotion of Remilia’s theme while not being overbearing. Poplica’s dubstep influence in this contrasts nicely with the previous track, resulting in a heightened experience. The pacing is also just nice with a nice amount of build-ups and breaks scattered throughout, stopping it from becoming too overbearing. My only complaint is that it’s a bit short at 3:36; it would have been even better if it were a bit more fleshed out in some parts. Quite a good one, this.

  8. 真崎エリカ — be with you

    Yet another vocalist that I don’t recognize, I must be getting old or something. I’m a bit confused by the choice of tone in this song, it’s a very light song that’s reminiscent of eroge OP/insert songs, which makes no sense coming off of the previous track. It’s not bad once it gets going though, albeit with a large amount of anime-style vocals and instrumentals that don’t feel nearly as fulfilling as Resolution. Overwhelmingly average and not outstanding in any way.

  9. 市松椿 — Rapture – Taishi Remix

    Suddenly, a ten minute track! I haven’t heard the original track for this song, but this is quite a nice vocal trance-y remix. It makes me miss the old days when Syrufit and Alstroemeria Records would produce music like this, music that’s becoming increasingly hard to find as Electro and Dubstep and etc. take the spotlight these days. This is quite a nice song by itself, but it doesn’t really fit in the album – it’s weird to have a 10-minute track when the rest of your tracks average 4. Still, not bad as a closer I guess.

Well, that was pretty nice! I’m always glad to hear new Poplica albums – they’re usually the first thing I get when I’m looking for new music! Poplica’s style is really quite interesting, he always changes it up a bit with every new album. Sadly, I don’t really like J-Pop that much so the more J-Pop influenced tracks in this album aren’t good for me, but I’m sure lots of other people would appreciate it.

If you’re interested in picking this up, you’ll have to go through a proxy service of some sort. It’s available on a bunch of online doujin goods shops, but none of them ship overseas (Why no white-cavnas ;_;). Shop list can be found on the album’s website.