Honami’ mistletoe arrow int bonus damage changed to 18 per 40 int at all levels(down from 48 per 40 at max)
Assassin’s Gatekeeper movement speed penalty reduced to 50% (From 90%)
Enuma Elish now deals All Statsx5 damage( up from All Statsx4)
Nanoha’s Divine Buster ratio changed from 2.5 at all levels to 1.5 scaling to 3.5 at max
Nanoha’s Starlight Breaker now deals 2x damage to bosses(up from 1.8x)
Marisa’s Master Spark now deals 1.75x damage to bosses(no ratio before)
Kotori’s Camael changed to have a self-heal, and a chance to deal STR+AGIx1.5 on attacks
Kotori’s Wall of Fire now deals 1.6x damage to bosses(up from 1.3x)

Altina’s Tome Added.
Kaaya’s Body Heat skill tome nerfed. Armor added down to 15(from 25).
Marisa’s Master Spark skill tome nerfed. Now increases Master Spark’s damage to 1.5x normal.(from 2x)


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