Posting some best girls.

There was quite a lot of time and a major version jump compared to the last release, but the newest version of Character Defense 3 is once again translated.

UPDATE: Fixed cam command too. Currently all issues should be addressed and fixed.

Download Link: Mixtape Mirror Catbox Asis

Recipe List: Pastebin

Because one play through of this map can easily go for three or more hours I can’t really fully test it without spending unreasonable amounts of time. So please just leave me a note if you find any errors.

Most likely there will be no more future CD3 releases so I wouldn’t hope for the current teaser characters to ever exist. The only reason for me to do another release will likely be fixing my translation if there are sufficient errors.

There are some great people I would like to give very special thanks to for making this possible:

delyssen for all the excellent work he did on Character Defense 3 already and allowing me to continue his work on this project. His preexisting activity on this map has helped me greatly and his previous achievements on different maps has motivated me greatly.

Sedistra for teaching me all kinds of things about the translation process and providing me with insight and advice all the countless times I felt lost. His work on other maps has encouraged me to pick this up in the first place.

Anime-Lover for providing me with a modified version of CD3 that feels truer to the old versions and improves the fun for lower amounts of players.

There were a lot of changes compared to 1.7.1 so I will not list a complete change log and just write about some things.

If you want to read the AAA dialogue lines make sure to enable Subtitles in your Warcraft 3 options.

Two new playable heroes Sakai Yuuji and Tachibana Kanade have been added to the map, various Heroes like Rin, Saber or Shana have seen some major changes, make sure to check them out.

In addition to the Hard and Hell modes an intermediate mode Very Hard has been introduced. Modes in general have been changed a bit. The enemy bonuses are generally higher (e.g. old Hell Dragon Bonus Damage +400, new Hell Dragon Bonus Damage +1500) but the resurrection times on Very Hard and Hell are only 30 and 45 seconds respectively.

There is the new concept of Unique items for Item Fusion. Items with a red name are considered unique and can only be successfully fused once, the item list specifically notes the non-unique fusions.

As I already mentioned before I am not using the official version as base for my translation but a modified one. The rationale is mainly that in version 1.7.6 the system that calculates monster count based on player count was changed. Starting with this version putting computers into player slots did not increase monster count anymore but increased monster power instead. Especially for lower player counts this removes a greatly important source of gold and experience from the game and makes low player games at high difficulties nigh impossible. The modified version changes the mechanics back to how they used to work.