After almost an entire year, a new CD4 version was released.




Rin’s Iaijutsu crit damage was clarified. It deals 2.5x damage on crits.
Shamal’s Thunder of Destruction Int ratio is now x5 (from x2).
Assassin’s Tsubame Gaeshi damage increased to Strx5 + Agix7 ( from Strx4 + Agix6)
Fate’s Plasma Zanber Breaker now deals double damage to bosses (from 1.8x)
Marisa’s Narrow Spark buffed to Intx3.5 (from x2)
Marisa’s Master Spark now deals 2x damage to bosses (from 1.75x)
Reimu’s Cautionary Border now deals Intx3 (from x2)
Reimu’s Reimu Kick now deals Strx7.5 (from x6)
Kotori’s Megiddo blast portion now deals an additional static amount of damage that scales with level
Daphne’s Sacred Armor now additionaly gives 30% Magic Defense
Kurumi’s Het: Clones created by this spell now have their duration increased to 180 seconds (from 120)
Altina’s Arrow burst agility ratio growth buffed. 4x-12x agi (from 3x to 7x)
Shamal’s Treatment(W) was changed. It now heals a flat amount + % of the target’s strength per second as a Heal-over-time.


Fate’s Tome now adds a Intx6 multiplier to Plasma Zanber Breaker (from x5)
Luck potions and awakening potions added. These can be used before missions to increase drop rates of rares and skill tomes.


This map goes over the 8mb limit allowed on I usually compress the map to bring that limit down, but I ran into snags and don’t really have the time to go through and make those fixes.

Instead, I’ll point you guys towards the 8mb limit bypass someone else made that allows you to play and host maps on that are larger than 8mb.


Map Download:

8mb Bypass Download: