Kaaya’s heal now has no cast time, from .5 seconds
Ayano’s Flame bullet:
Now deals 70 + 35/level + Strx1.3 + Agix2
From 40 + 30/level + Strx1.3 + Agix2.5
Cooldown increased to 14s, from 13s

Ayano’s Enraiha Blaze:
Now deals 2.2xStr + Agix1.5 + Base
From 1.5xStr + Agix1.1 + Base

Ayano’s Flamethrower:
Now deals 2.5x damage to bosses.
Enemies hit by multiple explosions take 25% damage after the first now, from 50%.

Ayano’s Flames of Purification:
Strength ratio reduced by .1 at all levels
Now deals 2.2x damage to bosses. Up from 1.8x

Asia’s Rassei’s Lightning Breath:
Now deals Intx3 Damage
Mana is normalized at 680 for all levels
Defense reduction is increased by 2 at all levels

Kurumi’s Shadow:
Some stuff changed

Saber’s Invisible Air:
Ratios for both Str and Agi were reduced by .2
Now deals 2x damage to bosses. Up for 1.7x

Saber’s Magical Armor:
Now only absorbs 25% of incoming damage. Down from 30%

Dio’s Za Warudo:
Now additionally increases damage by 5% per auto while active.
Attack damage increased to be Strx.8 + Agix.6. From Strx.5 + Agix.6
Cooldown increased to 45s, from 35s
Duration increased to be 10 + 3/level seconds. From 5 + 2/level seconds.

Dio’s Rush:
Skill damage increased by 5 at all levels.

Dio’s Time Stop:
Damage changed.
Old: 200 + 100/Level + All Statsx5
New: 300 + 150/Level + All Statsx8


Lots of bugfixes. Mainly fixing the Skip not working correctly.
Missing Priest cutscene may now also be skipped via the same method. (Spamming ESC)