Character Changes:
Altina’s Burst Arrow:
Range increased to 1300 from 1000

Honami’s Tornado:
Now deals 4x damage to bosses.

Gilgamesh’s Sword Rain:
Base damage changed to be 20 + Levelx7

Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon:
Now deals All Statsx1.5 per wave. From All Statsx1.8

Fate’s Load Cartridge:
Intelligence gain changed from 20/40/60/80/10 to 5/10/15/20/15 + LevelxY
Cooldown reduced by 5 seconds

Fate’s Sonic Move:
Damage changed to be Intx1.7 + Agilityx2.2, from Intelligencex1.2 + Agilityx1.8

Marisa’s Luminary Shot:
Int scaling changed from Intx.35 to Intx.5

Misaka’s Thunderstorm:
Number of small lighting bolts increased to
Level 1: 5 + 4 per level
Level 1: 4 + 2 per level

Nanoha’s Load Cartridge:
Slightly Redesigned.
Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds

Reimu’s Spread Amulet Bombardment:
Now deals .5xInt per hit, from .45xInt

Reimu’s Fantasy Seal:
Damage per sphere lowered to Strx4 + Intx3, from Strx5 + Intx4

Saber’s Mana Burst:
Stun time lowered to .75 seconds
Base damage changed to 250 at all levels

Dio’s Time Stop:
Damage dealt after time stop ends reduced to All Statsx6.5, from All Statsx8

Cirno now has responses for more skills
Fixed Cartridge loading bugs
Fixed The World bug that causes it to last forever.
Fixed issue with Uka killing people after you complete the quest.
Stage 6’s Enemies spawn a little faster
Fixed a bug in stage 7