Character Defense 4 2.5 Fix 4

Posted by on October 31st, 2015 at 6:24 AM
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Mostly bug fixes




  • Honami’s Stat Buff potions Fixed
  • Bug with Honami’s Mistletoe Arrows not applying Int damage fixed
  • Marisa’s Narrow Spark bug with O’reilly not applying correctly fixed
  • Kurumi’s second bullet reduces enemy mana by 20% now (Down from 30%)


  • Translation Error/Correction:

“Increases the effect of skills by XXX” has been changed to “Increases the effect of Concentration[F] by XXX”




Link: Download CD4 Eng 2.5 Fix 4

Character Defense 4 2.5 Fix 3

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Tome Drop rates fixed/adjusted
Fate’s Photon Lancer deals more damage
Nanoha’s new spell damage was adjusted
Kurumi mana costs increased

Miscellaneous bug fixes



Download:  https://www.mediafire.com/?qwh9g5kh7tdtlft

Character Defense 4 2.5 Fix

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Honami can now make stat increasing potions
Nanoha has a new skill/skill re-work: Axel Shooter.


New skill-buffing items added
(20 new items added)

Some more bug fixes


CD4 2.5 Fix English

Character Defense 4 2.4

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Story changes:

  • High Elf Treasure down to +15 to all stats from +200
  • Added a new stage(Stage 8)
  • Added a new tier 4 side quest “Asmodeus Escapes”

Character Changes:

  • Nanoha’s Divine buster now deals 2.5x damage to bosses
  • Nanoha’s Starlight Breaker now deals 1.8x damage to bosses
  • Haname’s Mistletoe Arrow now deals an additional 18-58 damage per arrow for every 40 intelligence she has (up to 200 int)
  • Misaka Mikoto’s Thunder Storm’s damage per bolt now goes up by 30 for every 40 int she has (up to 200 int)
  • Youmu’s Clone now deals 100% damage with cloned spells (Up from 50% damage)
  • Kamishiro Rin’s Moonblade down to 1.75x to bosses (from 2x)
  • Kaaya’s Heat Body on hit damage reduced (Down .5 int, I think)
  • Reimu’s Amulet Bombardment now deals 2.5x damage to bosses
  • Sasaki Kojiro’s Tsubame has a chance to crit for 1.5x damage(on each hit) based on his W

Some bug fixes.

Floating damage text added.
Some new items added, too.

Oh, it’s not really mentioned anywhere in-game but spamming ESC during the cutscene at stage 5 lets you skip it.

The cam command is finnicky, and the best way I’ve come up with to make it work without me personally going in and re-coding it is to just do something like “cam 1111111111111111111122222222222222222”.


CD4 2.4 Fix



A bugfixed version came out immediately after 2.4 was deployed. Got my hands on it thanks to Aozung. I updated the download link.

Character Defense 4 2.3 Fix

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A mostly complete translation. Only things left untranslated are some parts of the script.



Code to unlock all characters for all difficulties:

On the difficulty select screen, input the following:
(Starting with Easy highlighted)
Down, Right
Up, Right, Left
Down, Down, Left
Up, Right
Down, Down, Right, Right

When input correctly you’ll hear a noise and “Complete” will appear on the bottom left of the screen.



  • Place the map in your WC3 map folder
  • Extract the soundpack archive into your WC3 main directory
  • Run the registry files found in the newly extracted folder


Map download link

Soundpack download link



Scarlet Devil Mansion Defence v0.30

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A new version after over a year, featuring Alice Margatroid as a new playable character!

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Katawa Shoujo – A crippling heart stopping love story

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ss (2013-01-11 at 03.18.25)

My current start up screen for Katawa Shoujo. You get one image for every chapter you begin.

Well hello there dearest people who read my articles, somehow I find myself here again. As usual it’s been forever since the last article but it’s a routine by now so let’s skip the apologies.
Today’s article will be on a rather popular visual novel that generated quite the fan base in the recent years so you might have already heard of it. It is a free work by Four Leaf Studios titled ‘Katawa Shoujo’, which more or less translates to ‘Disability Girls’.
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Touhou Daydream Breaker C10

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Touhou Daydream Breaker C10

After almost a year, a new version!

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Of War And Fandom – C83 Day 1

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I’m not the author you’re looking for. But here’s a Comiket post anyway!

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I’m still not dead! I’m a bit busy with school life at the moment, but I am writing a post about Comiket! I can’t promise when it’ll come, but it’ll come SOMEDAY. Until next time, bye for now~