Isn’t this cute?

So I finally finished translating B15Fix2 of THDB after a long long time. I started to really, really work on this 3 days ago, but the sheer volume of changes from the older versions meant that it took me until now to finish it.

There is a massive amount of new items, and a lot of things have changed(Since B9Fix3). I ended up having to translate almost every single item again, and alot of abilities had to be re-translated as well. Creep Upgrades are now translated as well.

There will likely be errors in translations for some of the new abilities. Most of the translations for the new items should be accurate as far as effects go, but flavour text might not be fully accurate.

Hero descriptions for camp 1 are completely translated, even though that really does nothing and has no impact.

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire

Boring stuff down below, don’t read if you just want the map.

So for the script translation, I shifted to using notepad++ with python rather than MS Word and Visual Basic, so there might be some errors in the translation for script. I noticed that the -random white text at start changed, but I didn’t want to work on the script translations so I didn’t touch it. I realize now that the new skill point cost items aren’t translated in the script, but I’ll fix that in the next version.

Also, while writing this and checking the lotuclan page at the same time, I see that B16Fix2 is released. FFFFFFFFFFFFF

I’ll start translating that(or whatever’s latest) on Monday, so I don’t overwork myself too much.

As for errors, one of the “banish effects share cooldown” has a korean character near the front that I didn’t delete, and Kodo Geass recipe’s red text isn’t translated. I missed it, apparently.

Some of the flavour texts for the items are too hard for me to translate, so theres a list over at my wikia talk page that has the stuff I can’t translate, so if you know Korean(HAHA LIKE ANYONE READING THIS BLOG WOULD >_>), please go take a look and see if you can translate any of it.

Anyway, for some reason I can’t use applocale to run world editor, it still ends up being gibberish text. So I had to change my system local to do it. Kind of weird. Considering setting up a virtual computer just to do the translations, rather than using my host machine because of that. Though that’s alot of bother, so probably not.